Behold the “CZ 455 Varmint Tacticool”. Ugh… CZ, how bush league:


$522 USD over at CZ for something clearly called what it isn’t.

You just know the dad-age marketing guy’s 14 year old nephew put him on to the term “tacticool”.  He thought it was “hip” and would “jive” with the youth who shoot, so he ran with it.  Yea those are terms that I picture nerdy dads using.

Where is the quad rail? Shoulder thing that goes up? High capacity assault clip capability? Canted red dot mount?  Barometer? Wind meter? Vertical fore grip? Multiple laser beams? Glock mount? Bottle opener? GPS?

Whoa Whoa… hold up; last paragraph:

with a gentle butt hook to provide excellent control.

Gentle butt hook?      Pause.

Tactical As _ _ _ _ T-ShirtThoughts?  I know some of you guys just want to get that gentle butt hook.   You’ll have to turn to Craig’s List unfortunately, because CZ doesn’t offer that service separately.

Hat tip: Jerry


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Let me first of all say I normally have no use for gun reviews.

Since i’m subscribed to MrColionNoir (like you also should be *hint hint*) his reviews were always popping up in my feed.  I didn’t even watch one of them because I am used to the standard crappy boring gun review (yea I know i’m lazy), and I don’t plan on buying like 99% of the stuff he has reviewed, so good or bad my life doesn’t change.  Anyway, I happened to watch the above CZ-75 review only because my friend Jon has that pistol and I’ve shot it a fair amount and liked it, except for a few gripes which I was sure he would touch on.  Sure enough, he didn’t disappoint with the “retarded midget slide” comment (4:05) hahhahahhaha

One thing he didn’t mention, which I found to be an issue is that the trigger was very slippery when I had sweaty hands.  I had not found this to be an issue with my glock triggers probably because they are plastic, and one of them even has lines cut into it.

Anyway, if you’re into reviews, his are worth checking out.  The production quality is top notch, and they are very casual just like his funny vids.



Promo video for their new rifle:

CZ has really been stepping their game up lately when it comes to design.

The CZ 805 BREN page on their website – HERE