Dan Bilzerian

Haha robbers didn’t get into his safe… LAPD did though apparently:


*smh* What a pain in the ass. Oh well at least he didn’t catch a case this time around.

Full story – WashingtonTimes

I know some of you player hate on Dan, every time I put up a related post. I say let that man live. No one is forcing you to follow him and hate your life.  Even though I follow him on Instagram I seemingly miss all of his pictures when I scroll through my feed multiple times a day… just checked his page out again now, and he appears to be still thriving.

Thoughts?  Do you think he asked for it (the attempted robbery not the alleged LAPD shenanigans) by posting pictures of his collection up on Instagram?

Gat tip: Josh


Babes, quadcopers, R/C planes, the desert, and a lot of ammo wasted:

Feel free to say “Who is Dan Bilzerian?” in the comments in order to feel better about not owning dozens of NFA items and hanging around model skanks.  That seems to be a popular question over and over again from the same people who dislike this guy for whatever reason.  Sure he’s basically the Kim Kardashian of firearms and poker (he knows it and doesn’t care), and he’s only famous because we continue to talk about him.  Oh well #Merica.  Until someone with a better resume starts making drone shooting videos and rolling with hot girls I’ll post about him I guess.  To be perfectly clear, these women (Instagram “models”) are objectifying themselves, so don’t bother taking that angle if you’re looking for reasons not to like him.

What’s directly behind those hills is anyone’s guess.  I’m going to assume there’s not a cluster of elementary schools though.

Holy his accuracy in the first half of the video isn’t great to say the least.  Second half though, he’s a lot better haha.

Why is he wearing boxers you ask?  He’s Dan Bilzerian, it’s hot out, and he felt like is the likely answer.

2:53 – The can cannon one handed takeout was by far the greatest shot in the entire video LOL.  Why is he better with that can cannon (no sights even on that AR) than with actual bullets?

3:17 – Auto glock!  Amazing.

For a guy who allegedly has 100+ Million dollars, he really should get some cooler ear pro, that don’t stick out a foot past his head.

Richard-Ryan-FakeWatchBusta-Dan-BilzerianTFB posted this video, and I should have screen shotted the comments on their site.  There was so much whining it was priceless.  Even though there’s obviously a lot of crossover between this site and theirs, I’m so glad you guys aren’t as sensitive as those people.  I think those of you who have been here long enough know that if you whined about a video, I wouldn’t care anyway haha.  My blog, my rules.  TFB is so corporate now since Steve sold the farm they were like OH SHIT SOME PEOPLE DON’T LIKE SOMETHING WE SAID *removes post*… Ya they removed it I’m serious LOL.

Remember when Dan fake-watch-busted with Richard Ryan for some shooting slow motion?  That was cool.  Richard hasn’t been coming out with many videos at all lately.  I haven’t exchanged emails with him in a minute, but knowing him he’s busy working on some really epic stuff to drop on us.



Arrested for attempting to make a bomb?! Well this is unfortunate for him:


From the TMZ story:

We’ve learned an arrest warrant was issued in Clark County, Nevada. Bilerzian has been charged with violating a law making it a crime to possess an explosive or incendiary device with the intent to manufacture it.

According to the criminal complaint — obtained by TMZ — Bilzerian had ammonium and aluminum powder, along with ammonium nitrate mix — and when mixed it acts like pure TNT.


Oh shit… sounds like he may have mixed Tannerite and then didn’t use it immediately.  Easy mistake to make for sure if you didn’t read the warnings, and didn’t have anyone around to tell you specifically not to do that.  That’s the problem with all these laws… some you wouldn’t even think would exist, but they do.  He really should just have a lawyer follow him literally everywhere like his girlfriend and assistant do.  Yea that would probably be a bit a real buzz kill with a man of the law being like “Dan, I’d be real careful what you do next with that Victoria’s Secret model before she signs this waiver”, but if you want to do crazy things and not have to spend time in jail, maybe it’s a good move.

tannerite-binary-explosive-targetDan is currently being held without bail, and apparently could do 1-6 years in prison.  Wow, weak!  Well who knows if this will even stick once more details emerge.

Thoughts?  Do you think some ATF playerhaters hating, or do you think there might be a legitimate case here?

Gat tip: Tom, Rick, Jon


Ooooooooooh yeah:

hahah awesome.  As most of you probably know, I’m a fan of luxury watches and wear a Rolex Submariner daily #FakeWatchBustaCantBustMe.  I’ve been following FakeWatchBusta for a while now.  SouljaBoy recently got butthurt and banned me from his IG page for talking shit about his fakes, so that was cool… I feel honored.  Dan Bilzerian and Richard Ryan of course are Must-follows for obvious reasons.

Richard-Ryan-FakeWatchBusta-Dan-BilzerianDan should up the ante in a sequel video by copping an authentic watch from an Authorized dealer, and then let Richard blow it up with det cord. That would be a strong disposable income flex right there. Not like Dan doesn’t already do that 1000x a week anyway, but hey.



Rich operators gonna operate:

In case you forgot, Dan Bilzerian is the multi millionaire poker player who between taking his private jet to play poker, mainly just does whatever the hell he wants.  FPS Russia actually had the accent turned up a bit this video.

FPS-RussiaAll in all a good vid, although when I saw the teaser on Instagram for some reason I thought it would be more exciting.  There’s just no pleasing me apparently.



RichardRyan x Dan Bilzerian:

If you don’t know who Dan Bilzerian is, read the Daily Mail’s article on him and check out his Instagram page.  Damn I should have just dropped out of school and became good at poker instead.

Browsing through his Instagram feed you’ll see that guns are not just a passing interest of his, so that’s cool.  Also, girls apparently like guys with tens of millions of dollars in the bank… who would have thought?  Dude needs some multicam in his life though.. I’m seeing too much desert digi and woodland.

I wonder if Richard and him chilled with dozens of supermodels after this, then went and bought Ferraris just to crash them on purpose and proceed to light them on fire?  I was kind of surprised he didn’t bring a whole bunch of girls with him to the video shoot.

Richard-Ryan-M2-Browning-Ma-DeuceI figure after this post once I’m on Dan’s radar he’ll make me a $25 Million dollar offer for ENDO, which I will promptly act unimpressed and turn down.  He will then up his offer to $35 Million, which I’ll begrudgingly accept but negotiate in some perpetual money on the back end along with full creative control of ENDO Apparel. Everyone wins.

Thoughts? Is your life better than Dan’s?