Dana Loesch

Dana goes in:

Regarding this weak Cosmopolitan article and the Everytown Gunsplainers video I blogged about a couple days ago.

haha Tommy2chips on Youtube comments – “This chick is bad. To hot to handle and to cold to hold.”

Dana-Loesch-BlazeDana’s blood pressure must be off the charts.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a video of her acting chill… she’s always cranked up to 11 and mad at someone or something.  At least she’s fighting the good fight with facts, and not just making shit up.


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WAT?  Dana is charged up wow:

I guess the NRA maybe knows their audience better than I think I know their audience.  This video seems like a total step backwards.  “The godless left” hey?  Ok whatever you say… lets do just like the anti-gun crowd does and point fingers / blanket name call. I bet Dana wins 100% of the arguments in her household.  She’s scary. :P

Dana-Loesch-BlazeA commenter (KestrelBike) asked me an honest question on the last NRA video I posted – “What kind of videos would you rather the NRA put out?”, to which I replied “If rather see funny videos like Colion Noir used to make. Ones that don’t feel like part of a big corporation’s marketing campaign. Like a “here’s some funny shit, take it or leave it” style videos.”  I stand by that, and really wish it would happen.  I’ve always been a big proponent of just promoting firearms and the culture as something fun, and where humor can be found.  To me, that is how you get more and more people into firearms, and more support and money for the NRA.  The fact that some idiots have and will continue to do terrible things with firearms won’t change my stance one bit.



Dana Loesch from The Blaze works for the NRA now also:

haha she is the queen of dramatic facial expressions.

0:50 – Ugh I hate when the NRA goes full conspiracy theory retard.  The ATF just can’t possibly employ enough people to regularly inspect every gun owners home.  I’m not saying that a law couldn’t be shoe-horned in that would give them the power to do that whenever they pleased without a warrant, but I don’t see mass inspections becoming the norm.  If they really want to inspect someone’s home now for a good reason, I’m pretty sure they could easily do it. Heck, I saw Training Day… All I’d do is grab the Chinese food flyer from the mailbox and be like “Warrant”, then walk in waving it around and quickly tucking it into my jacket pocket.

2:28 – LOL Dana really wishin’ a MF’er would.

Dana-Loesch-BlazeThe problem with these gun control measures though, it’s a cumilative thing.  Give a bit of this privacy away… give a bit of that freedom you used to have away a dozen times… and then all of sudden you have none of either.  Most people won’t realize the steps are being taken until it’s too late.  Politicians are sneaky like that, and always put the spin on it that it won’t inconvenience you and is for the greater good (saving lives).



Diane Sawyer with a creative project to demonize guns:

LOL well done ABC well done… I love that part where they plant the two handguns in the classroom.  Sneaky stuff.  Off camera those kids were probably like “LOL there’s no magazine in here even?  Mrs. Struthers is trollin!”.  I really wish ABC would have put some sort of really low powered blank (definitely not one that could hurt the kids) in the gun so when the kid pulled the trigger it went off, and then saw how the kids reacted. I suspect also kids aren’t as stupid as some people think. Were those two really dumb enough to think two real handguns somehow made their way randomly into the classroom while their teacher conviently said “oh hey boys go have some candy and play with the toys over there.

Blaze TV Dana Loesch takes a look at the video and breaks it down:

Yea, hardly an epidemic.  I’ll agree though that any kids at all dying from negligence or accidents is terrible.  Kids are going to drown in pools, break their necks on trampolines, etc… though too as she points out.

If I had kids I would definitely keep the guns out of their reach.  No creative hiding spots low down they could even find.  I would also instill in them how to properly handle a gun and not to touch them, but naturally if you tell a kid they can’t do something they are probably going to want to do it more.

Dana-Loesch-BlazeThoughts?  Maybe I’ve been in the firearms world too long, but I’m really starting to notice how cyclical all this is.  I feel I’ve seen all the anti gun crap, and the pro gun responses to it a million times.  I’d rather just blog about derpy new products, and fun stuff companies come out with.

Hat tip: Weer’d


He wears a hat, postulates Dana having a problem with the Jews (LOL you’ll see) and they talk gun laws:

0:03 – Colin Norr? wtf?  She was off to a bad start with that.  Then she goes on to call him “Colin”.

0:48 – HA a state lawmaker known the laws?!  Good one girl.

1:19 – This slayed me:

Her: I have a bone to pick with some of the people here in Texas
Him: The Jews… (Note: I’m assuming that’s not what he said, but it sure sounded like it LOL I’m entertained so easily)
Her: Because gun laws are… etc..

5:25 – I’m looking forward to his new show.  Sounds like it will be different in a really good way.

MrColionNoir-Defend-Freedom-Tshirt-ENDOHe interviews well.  I see you in those Balenciaga Arenas too Collins.  I bought a pair of those last summer, but couldn’t stand the fact they had no arch support… long story short I tried some different inserts but it raised the inside height up too high for my fat feet and made it extremely uncomfortable so I returned them.