Fellas.  I know you think VODA is just a highly disciplined shooting machine.  He’s got a soft side though:

When VODA isn’t BUSSIN HEADS he’s kicking his shoes off and heating up the dance floor.  Better believe he stays strapped;  Might have to deploy ECK at any moment.

I watched this at like 6PM on Friday, and I felt like it was a good segue to the weekend.  I was all pumped because the new Kanye album came out today, but then I listened to it and it’s trash.  Also, what’s with rappers putting out short albums now?  This better not be a trend.  The Kanye one is only 23 minutes long, and Pusha T’s new album is only 21 minutes long.  Granted they are on the same label.  Probably have it all figured out honestly… release shorter albums more often to keep your name out there.  Anyways I know like 3% or less of you guys care about rap so I’ll stop my rant now.

One last VODA note… the shirt only buttoned at the top is blatant cultural appropriation, but I’ll let it slide this time.


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NOPD does not stand for NO Police Dancing:

haha I wonder what the back story is?  Did they teach him those choreographed moves in advance?

New-Orleans-Police-DeptIn before the “My tax dollars _______” comments. *eye roll*  I bet the 0:53 seconds that took is worth a lifetime of good public relations memories (maybe even taking the place of bad memories) for some of the people that witnessed that, which is pretty much priceless.


Hat tip: Tyler


By far the best Harlem Shake video I’ve seen to date:

2nd-Amendment-Harlem-ShakeI had to watch it a few times to catch all the different characters and their roles.  If only IDPA were that fun to watch.


Hat tip: Chris


Qusay Hussein, dead son of Saddam Hussein busts some moves at an iraq rager:

Comparing against the criteria required to be a certified Middle East Hipster:

  • White high-top NewBalance kicks? √
  • White hammer pants? √
  • Tucked in white tee perfectly bloused? √
  • Studded black leather belt? √
  • Tightly manicured stache? √
  • Vintage Rayban Wayfarers? √
  • Denim stars & stripes jacket? √ (extra points for being especially ironic)

Yep he definitely covered all his bases.   With swag like that he could have got any girl in the room.

OH SNAP!!! Did he pull out the invisible rifle move at 0:57?!!!!

I felt like his friend in purple was trying to teach me how to dougie, Iraq style.  Mute the vid on the left at Youtube Doubler to see what I mean. Also, it appears he was wearing American Apparel before the brand was even invented… Way ahead of his time that one.

Hat tip: Bryan


Britain does have talent, but they obviously don’t have anyone internet savvy working for them seeing as they disabled embedding of the video.

Check out the video –> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z62zrqaqVbY

Damn he’s good.  Someone needs to get that guy a gun, and some agents to chase after him.



Slow motion footage FTW! This is Pretty awesome.

The video appears to be for the song “Ritalin” by Dancing Pigeons… I had not heard of them before, but they have my attention now… actually they had me at “flamethrower”.