LOL this is pure troll bait gold… the list:

  1. Pistols
  2. Revolvers
  3. Rifles
  4. Shotguns
  5. Derringers

Check out the full Article at Rolling Stone.

On slide 2 I learned that pistols have a “built-in barrel” and “short stock”.  WTF?  Mine must be defective because they have neither.

*face palm*… more derp on the revolver slide.

Hmmm so rifles are just NOW the most common hunting weapon.  Good to know… good to know…

Shotguns – the explosive that creates the energy to fire the gun occurs in the fixed shell of a shotgun rather than the metallic cartridge of a rifle.”  LOL this emphasis on fixed tells me she probably thinks the “metallic cartridge of the rifle” travels with the projectile.

Derringers… so deadly right now.  Derringers.  The biggest takeaway from this is that assault weapons are “loosely categorized as semi-automatic rapid fire weapons designed for combat use”.  Yea loosely categorized by idiots.  How about “ARE ACTUALLY semi-automatic firearms but are called ASSAULT WEAPONS to scare the sheep”.

Thoughts?  Renewing your subscription to Rolling Stone because of this?  They got on my shit list a long time ago, even before they Jim Morrison’d the Boston bomber glorifying him on the cover.

If there is any justice in this world, Kristen Guynne would be publicly humiliated for this article / fired.  I’m sure the humiliation is happening (from other pro-gun people and websites), but she’s probably getting a raise due to the epic pageview generating trolling rather than getting fired.  Troll on Kristen, troll on. *slow clap*

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THE GAUNTLET!  Wow… just wow:

And I thought putting stationary photographers downrange was ridiculousthis guy is WALKING AROUND in front of the shooting line while they are shooting, with rounds whizzing past his head!  These guys operate too hard… I would have tapped out long before that test.

0:42 – “For many recruits, this drill is to extreme and they drop out of training.” –  Uhhhh… they were probably like “So you mean to tell me we are shooting next to our instructors head JUST BECAUSE?… you guys are retarded, this wasn’t in the brochure”

I’m looking forward to seeing if the comments on this post are like the other ones I did on people downrange… A lot of commenters saying they would leave the premises, but surprisingly others claiming it’s perfectly safe.

DerpI would use the Buck Yeager Approved picture, but I’m not even sure he would approve of something so asinine.


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Be sure of your target and what’s behind it apparently doesn’t always apply:

Full Story – WSBTV

Meh $175,000… it’s a start I suppose.  Sadly I’m assuming that’s all they will get.  I don’t know why someone didn’t step in a long time ago and just tell them to build up the berm and solve the problem once and for all.  Wait… the range was across the street from them though… and the firing line wasn’t even facing them?  Wow… that must be one dangerous range.

Pabst-Blue-Ribbon-PBR-Bullet-Can-Explosion-HipsterShout out to the lawyer Desiree Duke.  She managed the win contrary to my recommendation regarding lawyers needing to have epic hair.  Although maybe her not-a-single-shit-was-given pixie haircut is what did it?

Thoughts?  Do you think $175,000 is enough?  The house doesn’t look very expensive (I don’t know market prices there mind you) but there definitely has to be a price on emotional distress dealing with that for 10 years.


Iraqveteran8888 Barry talks about his experiences and gives some advice:

Sometimes people forget guns are dangerous, and scary things that are out of your control can occur.  Make sure you familiarize yourself with all the things that can possibly go wrong, so if/when they occur you know how to safely handle it.

Iraqveteran8888-ENDOBarry is wearing the California No Right To Bear Arms t-shirt from ENDO Apparel.

Thoughts? Anything ever really surprise you while shooting? The one thing that happened with me that comes to mind, is I was prone shooting my friend’s Mini-14 and he was standing slightly behind me in what we both figured was a safe place. I made some adjustments to get more comfortable, and in the process twisted the rifle so it was no longer ejecting nicely across the ground. I pulled the trigger, and the ejected hot brass cut his lip open.


They got a TON of flack for it in that one video that surfaced a while back, so I thought they quit:

Well apparently not (starting at 0:10 in the above video):

Same photographer as the first time?  Or did that one die and this is his replacement?

I know some of you probably think this is perfectly reasonable, and agree with James Yeager’s original response video to the incident.  I may not be a tier 1 operator, but I honestly think that above picture showcases one of the most retarded things you could possibly do at a shooting range.

The video I embedded is by a new tactical youtube couple “Cory & Erika” which blog reader Kurt put me on to.  The online gun community is pretty smitten over Erika for good reason, and they give Cory a rough time about her in a lot of the comments.  hahah internet.  Cory seems like a really good guy though, so I ain’t mad.  Plus he’s quite high-speed, so at least she didn’t go for some douchebag.  From the few videos I watched Erika can shoot really well, and has a good time, so that’s always nice to see.

Make sure to check out Cory & Erika’s youtube channel – HERE

Let me hear what’s on your mind in the comments.  Are you willing to shoot with a photographer down range?  Would you BE that photographer?

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You have got to be kidding me:

That blows my mind.  Like we needed another reason to hate that awful show.

Someone is going to get killed, or kill someone with a stunt like this.