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Eric from Iraqveteran8888 takes a look:

WHUT IN TARNATION? That place is larger than a Costco 😲😲😲!!!  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised considering what we know about the company from past info and vids, and that the AR-15 market apparently is for printing money.

Good video.  Factory tours give me life.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Daniel Defense with some “content”:

Nothing we didn’t already know.  Some cool pictures and other Daniel Defense info that I didn’t know, towards the end.

Thoughts? I say this all the time like a damn broken record, but I find it mind blowing that there is still money in making complete AR-15s.  Accessories, sure.. but complete rifles?  How is that not the most saturated market on the face of the planet?

Speaking of AR-15 accessories… remember the RTS Triggershield?  😬😭😂 On related note I make that this is my safety sir morale patch if you’re interested 🔌.


Another neva bin dun Befo product to talk about at SHOT show 2019:

I realize the video is just a “teaser” according to the title, but wow the contrast was bad and the video in general is quite cryptic.  I guess that’s the point though.  Daniel Defense KNOWS how gossipy piehitters are; they will be on the phone texting to their buddies like “Bruther, you up?  I got this Daniel Defense email blast and I can NOT for the life of me figure this damn thing out.” Then they will pass it around through the piehitter community until someone makes a post on ARFcom about it and one of the smarter of the bunch puts 2 and 2 together on the bolt gun thing.

I find I have the opportunity to repeat myself a lot on this blog… I’ll save a repeat rant regarding how I don’t “get” how it’s possible so many companies can be in the AR-15 game in 2018, and seem to be actually selling $3000+ rifles and thriving.

Is Daniel Defense’s brand strong enough that the piehitters are going to want this bolt gun?  Is this an attempt to break into the fudd “the 2nd amendment is for hunting” crowd, and then once they know the brand you hit ’em with a coupon code for an AR-15 and tell them they can shoot deer with it too?



They built quite the brand.  CEO man is reflecting:

Initially I wouldn’t have expected growth like that even with the insane panic buying (“Obummer guNNaH taKe MuH Guns”) state of the market a while back… but their AR-15s are quite affordable and the company seems to have been able to scale up effortlessly to meet demand (when others could not).  Good stuff.  As long as people keep buying AR-15s they should be alright.  It was good to see them diversify into the 3d printed suppressor market recently.  I’m sure they have their eye on a few other markets too.

I was gonna roast Marty’s fit, but I’ll let that man live because he’s probably a dad and a grandpa.  I suppose I can’t expect everyone who has money to cop the illest jawnz.



According to their promo video:

They did a nice job on the video.  Makes me want to kick a door down and shoot something, and carry a badass rifle on a hike in a snowy environment (then shoot something).

It was refreshing they decided not to use the standard dubstep type music.

Thoughts?  Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Daniel Defense one of the few companies that actually pride themselves in making standard but consistently good quality AR-15s?  No fancy or flagrant extra skeletonized bullshit like a lot of companies are doing to try to gain market share / be relevant.



charlie-danielsThis is required watching for those of you guys who gasped at the fact I didn’t think he was the best choice to reach anyone under the age of 93.

I watched a bit of it.  He seems like a solid guy.  He molons a significant amount of labe.