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*whispers* Exclusive */whispers*:

Meat-America-United-SteaksI’m VERY disappointed there wasn’t the “YOU HAVEN’T MET AMERICA” version of Charlie in this vid.  That version is too lit / too legit, I can’t even. That fit he got off in the vid was straight flames as well.

Is Charlie Daniels a bigger celebrity than I think he is?  Yea sure I know he’s famous, but I’d pretty much guarantee if you ask anyone young who he is you’ll get mainly blank stares.

Thoughts? Hell of a screenshot danyodefense picked for the vid right? A dude’s back, partial fence, and some flood lights haha.


This post is mainly just because I cracked myself up when I thought of the title.

Damn-DanielThis promo videos isn’t bad either though.  I still LOL all the time that keymod is actually a thing.

I have a Daniel Defense AR-15 upper receiver that works perfectly fine.  I could be wrong, but I don’t think these guys are doing anything revolutionary yet… they seem to be really good at marketing though.  I’m not mad at it.  The community needs all the fancy videos we can get.



Flexin’ PRADA shoe tongue right off the bat, just to stunt on all you peasants still in Jordans etc…  I really hope the NRA is footing the bill writing off $700 shoes and misc. NewEra ball caps each episode for him.  Gotta stay fresh.

1:13 – Judging by a post I read on TTAG, “The Truth About Noir” was apparently a shot across the site’s bow.

I really thought this show would be more fun and humble, rather than confrontational.  Too much of this NRA stuff is geared towards reminding us how BAD AND WRONG people who don’t like guns are.  I’m sick of that… I really don’t give a shit if someone dislikes that I like guns, that I have a company in the industry etc… can we quit caring about that?  As I mentioned in the past, I don’t enjoy any aspect of politics so I suppose I’m ignorant to the NEED to convince people that guns aren’t actually bad just so we don’t end up with a president, and senators etc… who think further restricting gun ownership is acceptable.

3:01 – The truth about Amy?  Do any of us really care?  I think after episode 2 that question was already answered but do your thang girl.

9:35 – Jay Z Reasonable Doubt is on of my top5 favorite albums.  Pause the video and google it right now if you’re not familiar.

12:23 – “Than my good friend _____ (LaSalt?)” … who is this guy and why should I care about him?  I can’t make out the name, otherwise I’d just google him myself.  I like his country-club-Im-better-than-you-and-rich-AF-aura.  Look at you… then look at us.  AK his nightstand, right next to that bible. *2Chainz dance*  Would eat prawns, pop bottles, and LOL about gentrification with.

17: 12 – Begin way too long of a Daniel Defense advertisement, containing a fit / attractive girl who apparently swims in a wetsuit sometimes, and a t-shirt other times.  I know DD is a sponsor and all, but that shit was mad forced.

And cue the time stamp where I realized I’m fresh out of shits to give about Amy:

22:00 – In regard to smart guns “I literally unleashed a firestorm when I had posted a picture of a smartgun on my instagram… and, oh my gosh… I didn’t realize how many people out there absolutely hate even the thought or the idea of even bringing smart guns into this world because of the doors that it could open”

Old-MrColionNoirOh you unleashed a “firestorm” did you?  Well the post got 43 likes and 7 comments. The first comment was from a guy who politely said “I preferred if the smart gun thing never happens”, then 4 others echoed that sentiment.  HOLY SHIT WHAT A FIRESTORM OF BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS.  She straight bodied instagram’s servers with that single post. *smfh*

Suspiciously this girl only got an Instagram account around the same time there was talk about NOIR (3 months ago).   I can’t see her being around for long, she literally brings nothing to the show.  Having her parrot what Colion Noir says in a female tone is an insult to viewers’ intelligence.

Three episodes in, is this show what you thought it would be?  Thoughts?


FXHummel1 with something for your eardrums:

I can’t believe all the milage Daniel Defense is getting from this little scandal, and how people are so quite to boycott the NFL because of it.  Like it’s surprising a large organization didn’t want to associate themselves with “SCARY GUNS”.  Yea we could argue that the ad didn’t showcase any guns, and that’s true… but the company itself would scare a lot of idiots once they googled it.

FXHummel1-ENDO-Defend-FreedomFX is wearing one of my favorite t-shirts, the Liberator Pistol Builders Club one from ENDO Apparel.

Thoughts?  Are you boycotting the NFL / The Superbowl next year because of this?


People say it was rejected because of “firearms”, but I’m skeptical.  Take a look:

Here’s what MrColionNoir has to say about it:

Seriously that was one of the shittiest commercials I’ve ever seen.  Funny thing is that until the narrator mentioned “protection” I actually thought it was an ad for whatever garbage Ford SUV the guy was driving, and I was annoyed that YouTube “Skip Ad” countdown didn’t pop up.  Daniel Defense should be ashamed they didn’t come up with anything more creative… hell right off the top of my head put spokesman Larry “The LAV” Vickers on a clydesdale horse, shirtless, galloping in slow motion, eating cheeseburgers, holding an American Flag, and that would have been a billion times more memorable and effective.   P.S. – That idea was free in case you want to step your game up in 2014 Daniel Defense.  I also would consider a temporary TV ad consulting position if I’m not busy.

Larry-Vickers-The-LAVI don’t like / watch sports… better things to do like nap and eat.  When are doctors and engineers going to start getting football level salaries?  That would be a perfect world.  Although, incorporating advertising into those two professions to fund that might be a bit difficult ;)



Wet noodle AR-15 barrels FTW:

Last time I checked it’s almost 2013, so unless you’re building some retro throwback tribute to an AR-15 of yore, you need to do like Rob Pincus says and free float the shit out of your barrel.

Do you not want to be the best operator you can be?  Good luck getting range hunnies with sub-MOA groups.

I whipped this up as a joke to go with the post title, but I actually kind of like it: