Set in a near future, technology-reliant society that pits man against killing machines:

Rick-James-Dave-ChappelleOoooooo ya.  May 16th is the UK release date, I don’t see the USA release date but I hope it’s happening soon because I want to see this movie.

<— This would be my face just before a robot is about to kill me.  My legs would coincidentally probably also be like linguini.

This feels eerily like the Boston Dynamics humanesque robot I posted a couple days ago.  Thoughts?

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Uhhhhhhhh well this is nightmare material. They call it Atlas:

0:50 – haha I LOL’d.  Smooth recovery though.

1:19 – Put a little twist in her hips ’cause we’re watching.

1:37 – You want to get killed first by this new smart robot?  Because that’s how you get killed first Ron. *smfh*

2:16 – So crisp.  10/10

Mother-Of-God-MemeJudging by this video, looks like DARPA has come a long way in less than a year.  Remember the DARPA Robot World championship video I posted?  Those robots basically all sucked compared to this new one.

I’m not sure what creeps me out more, these new human looking robots or the creepy animal ones they always had before.

Thoughts?  You officially going to curb your robot shit talking as of today?  God knows these things and Skynet in general are listening and keeping track and prioritizing kills.

Gat tip: Thomas


haha wow this is creepy:

Darpa-Boston-Dynamics-ReindeerI love the staccato / Christmas cheer in its step.  We have seen that pack carrying robot a million times before, but it’s creepy every single time.  DARPA / Boston Dynamics needs to hurry up and mount some mini guns on those things though and bless us with some epic YouTube slow motion footage.

Merry Christmas everyone!


VICE went:

That guy is one of my least favorite VICE hipsters.

ChappieMan it’s frustrating watching slow robots derp around and then slowly flop over. There should be more speed, fire, girls, and explosions.

I’m still skeptical that this public “championship” isn’t just a dog a pony show, and that the US Military actually has robots 1000x more sophisticated than these ones.  What do I know though *shrug*.


Fails from day 1 of the DARPA robotics challenge:

Chappiehaha it’s like they showed up drunk.  Not quite Chappie levels of agility yet.  If it’s anything like the movies though, these robots will definitely have the last laugh when they turn on mankind and try to kill us all.

There’s a short article at IEEE Spectrum which you can read.  Some of the comments are pretty funny / butthurt.

Gat tip: Luke


Yea… this is cool:

The objective of the EXACTO program is to revolutionize rifle accuracy and range by developing the first ever guided small-caliber bullet.  The specially designed ammunition can change direction in midair.

Full article over at Stripes.

DARPA is so epic, I CAN’T EVEN.  Like it mentioned in the article, you definitely don’t want to have snipers total rely on technology like this.

Bullet-Slicing-Water-Drop-2I wonder if X-ACTO brand knives will get all up in DOD’s face for trademark infringement?

Hat tip: SayUncle