haha innnnnnnteresting:

I love how he designed the whole thing in Fusion360, and 3d printed everything.¬† It actually ended up being quite a bit more complex than I initially thought it was going to be ūüėā, and also way less portable – like a NERF BFG.

All in all this video was very anti-climatic, but I was already writing the post as I was watching it so I figured I might as well hit publish.


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24 minutes of this.  Impressive:

Man this is intense; No wondering it has 283,000 views haha.

I would ask “whose mans is this?” but when you see someone make a 24 minute video on NERF darts I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say he’s single. haha :P



There’s a good¬†chance he didn’t lose that hand messing with ammo, but I don’t think I’ll take any chances:

3:20 – Firing test. ¬†I’m actually very impressed how well they work.

4:40 – Shotgun Lawn Darts FTW! ¬†Probably the most epic idea I’ve ever heard.

Thoughts?  Any of you ever try this?


Behold the NERF N-Strike Deploy CS-6 Blaster:

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It’s begging for the realistic paint treatment like these badboys.