These guys:

Holy… whenever I see stupid stuff like this I always count the number of people, then I think to myself “So there were X many people that were present, who thought this was a good idea… wow!” *smh*

You woudln’t catch me holding a pipe / black powder combo anywhere near my body. He’s just incredibly lucky that pipe was smooth, otherwise it would have TORE UP HIS WHOLE EVERYTHING. Mission accomplished that the target got annihilated though I suppose haha.


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It’s no surprise some people don’t make it to old age:

As you can see the entire video he’s swinging the gun around with both his fingers on the triggers. ┬áLike poor trigger discipline with one trigger and one finger isn’t bad enough.

When he felt the recoil and let go, that might have damaged his ego a bit… but I’m gonna assume they were all drinking and proceeded to do it again.. and again… and again…



Sleeping on the job AUG:

Darwin called… Pretty much the stupidest thing you can do. Loaded or not, it is not good practice.

The rifle is a Steyr AUG.

I can’t tell what country those guys are from by the patch and uniform.. anyone know?

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I’m speechless…