Funny he came out with this vid, as I was just looking at renewing my indoor range membership so I can take a date there soon.  I probably should go brush up on my operator skills though, because when I last shot a few weeks ago it wasn’t anything to write home about.

1:40 – hahahahha tiger striped gold plated Deagle.  I’ve got a friend with a non tiger stripped .50 DE.. i’ll have to borrow it.  Thanks for the tip! :P

3:16 – “This little girl”  <— *shifty eyes*  stellar recovery though dude…  hahah

I’ll keep you guys updated when I take a girl to the range, and if I get schooled.  Tomorrow night I’ve got a date lined up, but i’m playing it safe and we’re doing sushi, ice cream etc… so I don’t think much could go wrong.