For all you picky #foreveralones:


I saw another good one where she answered “Hi-Point” and he called NEXT haha.

Does a girl’s taste in firearms and/or general knowledge of them factor in for you?  Is it just enough that she doesn’t hate them?  Maybe just as long as she doesn’t wear notch hats, tactical arm tape, a life helmet backpack, and carry a Hi-Point?

Hat tip: Zane


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Some tips from Chaos311Clarity and his buddy, for firearms enthusiasts who want to get into dating:

LOL at the Craigslist ad.  I won’t  spoil what happens at the end of that skit, but I’m sure you’ll recognize the person.

hahah Chaos, I knew I would see the Deagle make an appearance in the video sooner or later!

Holy that drag portion of the video was frightening and epic all at the same time.   haha those accents too…



The Marine has some advice for those of us dating:

  1. Yell at them from cars.
  2. Shirts with dragons.
  3. Don’t wear a shirt.
  4. Talk about video games.
  5. Talk about how fat other chicks are.
  6. Assert your masculinity.
    etc…. you gotta watch it. 

Female infantry soldier has a hilarious rebuttal:

ROFL… man I love these guys.  Those are some pretty solid tips, i’ll have to renew my subscription to “guns cars and punching things” magazine… I didn’t realize the advice this good. :P