Dave Spaulding

TURN YOUR SPEAKERS UP. Hit play on both these videos at the same time and vibe:

“When I raise my trigger finger all y’all niggaz hit the deck” -Dave Spaulding

Thoughts?  Name a better combo than Meth and Red… I’ll wait.

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Naturally some random pipedog 3rd party in the comments was offended that I would question the teachings of Dave Spaulding (one of the guys in the video).  *extreme eye roll* haha cool story bro, I’m sure Dave Spaulding cares what I think.

Thoughts?  You incorporating this into your training?  You offended?


This man Dave Spaulding talks about YouTube trainers and various other tactical AF instructors:

hahah SHOTS FIRED in this video.  I’m talking high ROF too guys, it’s messy.

At around the 3 minute mark he makes fun of people who ask what he was wearing.  I CARE DAVE. I CARE.

Oh and this is the blog post he was taking about at the beginning of the video.

Thoughts?  Did your feelings get hurt by this video?  Mine didn’t.  *adjusts CRYE airframe helmet and wipes tears off with the sleeve of my g3 combat shirt.*