David Palmer

Spent shell casings and a blow torch used to create a picture of a famous person that was assassinated:

Obligatory deep meaningful “purpose” statement:

The materials I have chosen to use serve my purpose because of the blatant and emotionally charged response they evoke.  These mediums already have a strong  mental imagery that is attached to them.  Around the world they are still used to either help build dreams or destroy the dreamers.  My hope is that you will feel the agony and  then see the miracles that can arise from choosing to create rather than destroy.

Now that that’s over with…

According to the contact page he charges $10000 – $25000 for one of these!

Not a bad wage if he’s selling the things!  (Be right back… tumbling brass and looking for blow torch.)

You can check out more pictures over at his website Bullet Proof Art.


Hat tip: Peter



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