deadliest warrior

He said he believed his finger was outside the trigger guard and not resting on the trigger.

Classic line which is said by most negligent discharge bozos.  Has the “blame it on the gun” angle ever worked? Looks like he got proven wrong by the pictures they managed to recover anyway.

Full Story – HERE

Oh Jeff Cooper… why can’t you have influenced EVERYONE in your short time on this earth?

What a shame that a young girl is dead all because of poor gun handling. To top it off, her boyfriend who killed her only gets 3 years and 4 months in jail? WTF?  I am not entirely familiar with the minimum prison term for manslaughter in the United States, but I hope it is a lot more severe than that.

Thank got at least he got what he did. There is a video on the page I linked where it says that a “range of sentencing options are being considered including a home detention.”  Wow…. so this guy kills someone and there was actually consideration in sentencing him to stay in his comfortable home rather than jail?

He put her in his car and took her to a medical centre but refused to give a statement to police for three days.

That’s pretty shady too, but maybe he was advised on that by a lawyer.



I watched one of these shows once… but after seeing the I.R.A. vs Taliban episode I will never watch another episode (NOTE: A majority of the shenanigans start around 27 minutes).

Why you ask?   Well head over to the Vuurwapen Blog’s post – HERE

You will be dazzled by screenshots of a section of the episode where they “prove” that the AK-47 is more reliable than the AR-15 through the magic of lying, and cutting footage out in the editing room.

I don’t know if they figure that the average person that watches the show is too stupid to know how the guns work or what.. but I am embarrassed for them.