First this came across my radar:

LOL epic right?  Then this Deadpool 2 promo:

Yea yea Flashdance came out in 1983, so I don’t expect a lot of you will get the reference.  You can check out this vid and this vid to get the gist of the jokes.


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Marvel-Deadpool-Spent-Shell-Casings-ArtOhhh yeaaaaaa this movie looks awesome. Definitely have to see it in the theater sometime soon after Feb 12 when it’s released.

I posted another trailer a while back which had some different scenes, if you care.

Thoughts? This one on your list as well?


The actual trailer (not a teaser like yesterday’s):

haha wow.  He even dual wields Deagle brand Deagles!  What’s not to like?

Marvel-Deadpool-Spent-Shell-Casings-ArtThat bridge that was basically in the whole trailer was the one I watched them film on.  I used to think seeing movies being filmed would be so magical, but I’ve seen so many now and they are all like watching paint dry.  Everything is so much cooler after they sprinkle the hollywood magic of post effects, sound etc..

Thoughts?  This one is definitely on my list to see in the theater… you?

P.S. – If you’ve been following the blog for a long time you might remember my post where someone made a deadpool mask face out of spent shell casings (pictured).  Pretty cool.


The actual trailer comes out tomorrow… but today there’s this:

I’m not at all familiar with Deadpool, but he seems like real dick.  I can get behind that… should be fun to watch.  I was in Vancouver during the couple days they were filming it.  I watched them film a gunfight scene on a bridge, but I didn’t get very good footage because phone cameras suck at zooming, so I didn’t bother putting it up on Instagram or anything.  All you would have heard is some yelling and gunfire and some blurry objects.

Thoughts?  Is this Deadpool movie highly anticipated, or is it just a lot of hype?


This is actually pretty cool:


The making of it:

Created by artist Mike Oncley.  I love behind the scenes vids.