Dean Cain

I didn’t know Dean Cain was buddies with Chris Kyle:

Steven-Crowder-SmirkI hope Michael Moore does let his bravado get the best of him, and says it to Dean Cain’s face.  I bet Dean would flip… especially if he was sauced up.

I used to watch Dean’s Superman show… it was pretty legit.  Yea like a soap opera, but what series isn’t?


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Marketed as a tribute to American bravery:

Wouldn’t you know, some Nobel Peace Prize laureates condemn the show for “glorifying war”, and want it removed from NBC’s lineup.  *eye roll*

NBC’s response: “This show is not a glorification of war, but a glorification of service”

Ranger from Action Figure therapy goes in:

^^^ hahahahah oh man that’s good.  Dean Cain pushing the limits of DADT, and Nick Lachey’s scarf… priceless.

Thoughts?  Anyone bother to watch the show yesterday?  Do you feel the same way as the Ranger?