This is extremely unfortunate… the instructor in the video died:

Full story on CNN.

Sure we all know guns are awesome, and automatic ones are even more awesome.  Probably millions of kids have shot automatic guns under adult supervision and never hurt anyone or themselves, just like millions of kids have “driven” a car on their dad’s knee.  If a rule is put in place where kids can’t legally shoot automatic firearms at a rental establishment though, do the terrorists win?  I don’t know, but I do know that since there isn’t a law in place, there should be common sense in place in the mind of the instructor.  This girl was clearly tiny, and didn’t know what she was getting herself into, so the decision needed to be made for her and her family.  I’m just glad she wasn’t the one who ended up dead.  At 9 years old living with the fact you killed someone though has got to be incredibly traumatizing, I can’t even imagine.

Nike-Air-Max-UZI-HandgunThe video on the CNN page references the incident I also remember in 2008 where a little boy shot himself accidentally with an auto UZI at a gun fair.



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Says no correlation between gun control and lower death rates or violent crime.


Source – Breitbart

You can check out the full report pdf Would Banning Firearms Reduce Murder And Suicide.

I read through all 46 pages, and I have to say their argument and facts they present are very convincing.  I’m now in the process of reviewing all the referenced papers in the footnotes.  LOL just kidding I didn’t read it…. some smart people go there though and I’m assuming this paper is peer-reviewed so I’ll take their word for it.


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Or as I’d prefer to call it; Firearms Save Lives! :P (yea yea I know.. that’s not necessarily true):

The hypothesis of “more guns = more deaths” is demonstrably false over the past 28 years of documented American history. The number of firearms in civilian circulation have been steadily increasing over that time period, and the number of firearm-related fatalities has not been equivalently increasing.

Linoge over at Walls Of The City turns the numbers into visuals.  He put the spreadsheet up with the data so you can look it over if you have any doubts.

Check out the full article – HERE

A lot of good analysis always going on over at Walls Of The City, add the site to your feed and don’t miss out.


The gun that Beverly Hills police believe was used in the slaying of Ronni Chasen was a .38-caliber revolver, according law enforcement sources.

This would explain one of the mysteries surrounding the Hollywood publicist’s death: There were no shell casings recovered from the scene where she was shot because in revolvers, shell casings remain in the chamber after firing.

Hmm… k well not such a mystery if you know anything about guns… but go on L.A. Times…

The lack of shell casings had led to some speculation that the shooting was a professional job by a hit man who collected the casings before leaving the scene.

Full story – HERE

A hitman SO professional that he collects his shell casings and disappears without a trace. Classic… Some people watch too many movies.



Trying to scrounge up some funds for that new death star I imagine.

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According to the Journal Pediatrics, children in the most rural areas of the United States are as likely to die by gunfire as those in the biggest cities, a new analysis of nearly 24,000 deaths finds.

The researchers analyzed data on nearly 24,000 gun-related deaths among those 19 and younger from 1999 through 2006. That included about 15,000 homicides, about 7,000 suicides and about 1,400 accidental shootings for the eight-year period.

Full Story – HERE

One problem:

Last time I checked, a person is no longer considered a youth when they turn 18… so why are they including 18 and 19 year olds in the statistics?

Fix your stats Journal Pediatrics, then get back to us.