Starting them young:

I’ll warn you, NOTHING at all interesting happens before 1:40 (when she takes the shot).

Normally I wouldn’t bother posting videos like this, because they come around quite often… but naturally the concerned facebook moms are flipping out about this video so I figured it should be spread around more to hurt more butts.

Full story on FOX if you care.


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Ermahgerd! Do not hit play on this if kids are around:

I’ll be honest, I was ready for some gore when I hit play but I wasn’t expecting to laugh.  Apparently I have the maturity of a 6 year old though because when those eyes bulged out in slow motion and the “big league chew” flew out the opening in the deer’s dome piece it caught me by surprise and I lost it.  I immediately felt bad after because I like deer and am not a hunter (I’m not against hunting), but it wasn’t the first time and won’t be the last time I laugh at something inappropriate so I got over it quick.

Deer-Meme-CabelasThe reason for head shots explained after seem solid.  Like he said though, the margin for error is very small so unless you’re a hunting operator of the highest operational operatory levels maybe you better stick with body shots.

Thoughts?  Are you 360 degree head shotting deer (scope or no scope we’ll say) from yards on yards on yards?


New York Times takes a look:

Deer-Meme-CabelasWow great… poor kid basically gets called a pussy by his dad for not taking the shots.  I don’t see the point of pressuring people of any age to get into hunting (or shooting in general).  If you want to, great… if you don’t, that should be alright too.

I guess we don’t have to worry about that kid taking up manhunting now that Feinstein told everyone it is legal.



I’d call this guy an operator, but he did take 4 shots:

I wish the video was in higher resolution so I could actually see where he was shooting.  If it was deer season right now that would just be too easy, it wouldn’t even be fun for a hunter.

Deer-Meme-CabelasAnd people say guns are not tools! *scoff*


And he calls it quits:

Lucky they were inside the truck, that deer was looking to take a few people with him.

Hat tip: Chris G.


Animals are hilarious:

The dog was like “NOPE! It’s not Chuck Testa.” (watch this commercial if you don’t get the reference)

Is your dog scared of anything funny?

Hat tip: Bryan