Definitely a good example of why you should always carry a firearm.

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Sometimes you gotta improvise in order to stay safe:



Starts off really cute, but…

Do not watch if you don’t like seeing a doe hand a dog a beating:


Word on the street is that that dog had converted an airsoft lower to a M16! :P

Talk about being incredibly protective of that fawn. I think that can serve as a lesson to everyone, that cute animals such as deer are still wild animals no matter how docile they appear at first.


Officers made the decision that the deer was a public safety issue:

[youtube width=”560″ height=”340″][/youtube]

Police reportedly received dozens of complaints from the public after the shooting. Internal affairs investigators will look at whether police followed department regulations and policies regarding taking an animal into protective custody and dealing with an animal that could be injured, police said.
During the incident, police contacted the state Department of Fish & Game, but the warden overseeing the area was more than 30 minutes away, said Fish & Game spokesman Kyle Orr, and the officers thought they had to act sooner than that.

Full Story – HERE

Good call guys.. that deer was a menace! :roll:

Wow… once again thank god for cameras.


This is an amazing shot:

The end result was really not what I expected was going to happen.  At first I was expecting there to be an exclamation of “woOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Like shootin fish in a barrel!!!!”.

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Looks like the team is missing a few. Oh well maybe next hunting season.

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