Cody Wilson is back… with a cryptic video:

I had to check the comments to see what any of that meant.  Here’s the deal according to top commenter GM4ThePeople:

“Dominica Yowls” is an anagram for “I am Cody Wilson”. “Goliad” is also an anagram, for “dialog”. “A dandy woodlot”: “download today”. “Jaded Faction”: “A Defcad Joint”.

Ok ok… so at DEFCAD there is a new gun out.  The FGC-9.  Here’s a trailer for it:


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40 minutes long, and definitely worth watching:

*facepalm* 22 seconds in and Alex Jones starts saying “clips” twice instead of magazines. Then he says it a few more times throughout the video.

Alex-JonesK i’m officially on team Cody Wilson… 2 videos back to back is good enough for me, the kid is now likable.  We rock the same style facial hair too so bros gotta stick together.

Go to Defense Distributed to check out the project and download the files at the DefCad link.

Hat tip: Jesse


Posted because it’s oh so dramatic:

DEFCAD seriously needs a new spokesperson… preferably one that blinks, and doesn’t think he’s 3D printing Jesus.  I really do like the cause though, I just am looking forward to 3D printers that can print strong enough and in high enough resolution, to come down in price.  As I mentioned before, I don’t think the “I’m Riiiiiiich Biiiiiiitch!” printer they use for the prototypes is representative of the printers that most people can afford.

LOL looks like 3D Printing Jesus didn’t like this post much:



Defense Distributed does it:

There are so many shitty 3D printers out there, I think a lot of people are going to be very disappointed when they try to print their own version of this magazine.

Definitely a step in the right direction.  I’m very surprised how uninformed the majority of people are about 3D printing and it’s capabilities… magazines and receivers are just the tip of the iceberg of firearm related items that could currently be printed.


You can download the files over at DEFCAD and try it out yourself.

Although I think the Defense Distributed project is a nobel cause, I’d really like to see some Engineering professionals on board there to speed things up.  These guys look like they are having fun though, which I suppose for now is what counts.