Took only a few days for this to happen:

Looks like the 3D printed firearm made the waves founder Cody Wilson was hoping it would make.

Check out this Forbes article for more info and the DOD takedown letter.

Defense-Distributed-Liberator-PartsThe files are out there now, all over the world.  The fact Defense Distributed isn’t operating right now doesn’t make any difference.  Hopefully no one hurts themselves by using a inferior plastic and printer, or does anything else stupid with a printed gun.  That’s all we need right now.

Thoughts? Ban assault printers?


Sweet, the full documentary is finally out:

Besides the erroneous use of “ammunition clips” and “high capacity magazines”, the documentary is really awesome.  If you’ve been keeping up with my past posts on Defense Distributed and Cody Wilson a lot of it probably isn’t new to you.

Interesting comments about kids likely being the first to print out firearms.  I can definitely see that as a concern, but with a hands-off approach to parenting there are a whole load other concerns that can be just as dangerous to an individual or a group.

Defense-Distributed-3D-Printed-AR15-LowerI mentioned to Cody on twitter that I hope they look into getting a 3D printer that can print metals, like the type Shapeways has.  I have a few prototypes of things I had made in stainless steel and they are incredible.



40 minutes long, and definitely worth watching:

*facepalm* 22 seconds in and Alex Jones starts saying “clips” twice instead of magazines. Then he says it a few more times throughout the video.

Alex-JonesK i’m officially on team Cody Wilson… 2 videos back to back is good enough for me, the kid is now likable.  We rock the same style facial hair too so bros gotta stick together.

Go to Defense Distributed to check out the project and download the files at the DefCad link.

Hat tip: Jesse


They have another few printers that print money:


Full writeup and more pics over at DefDist.

My suspicions were correct when I criticized the function test of this printed AR-15 lower:

The new AR lower was SLA and FDM printed. The FDM printer was a used Dimension SST, and the material was p400 ABS.

A quick look at the Dimension SST page and….. Cost: $32,900 *facepalm*  I’m sure theirs was like $1000 max on the used market though right? haha

They go on to say this at the end – “the big takeaway is that you can do what we did on a printer like the Ultimaker or RepRap. The pieces can be made cheaply”  haha yea… OH it will print.  Do that and tell me how many rounds you get out of it.

Like I said numerous times… people can keep shitting bricks over this, but I’ll only be impressed when thousands of youtube videos pop up from people with RepRaps and Makerbots who are pumping out their own mags and lowers.  I know it will happen, and I wish this project would lean more in that direction.



These guys market this like they are doing the Lord’s work:

Watching that guy pull the trigger was painful.  Slappy Mc2ndKnuckleSlapperson.

Maybe I’ll eat my words when someone says they printed that out on a $200 RepRap, but my guess is they have some sort of fancy printer similar to the $20,000 one Stratasys yanked their lease on.  If that’s the case, color me unimpressed.  I had perfect 3D CAD drawings of the AR-15 lower 7 years ago… they didn’t invent that shit.  Oh what they reinforced it in a couple places? *yawn*

I do support the Defense Distributed concept/project as a whole, but using boutique equipment and then humble bragging about the results is the part that doesn’t impress me.  As people have pointed out before, printing an AR lower out of plastic is cute and all, but I’m sure a lot of people who are shitting a brick over this don’t ever realize that you can make machine a billet aluminum ar-15 lower perfectly well using <$1000 worth of equipment bought from Harbor Freight.  Sure it’s not quite as easy as “hit print and come back in xx minutes”… but it wouldn’t exactly take a tier 1 machinist to pull it off.