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The much anticipated AK-47 followup to the AR-15 Defend Freedom.

Available now in both black and indigo at ENDO Apparel.

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Look Bloomberg… he’s got a Big Gulp and a bad broad in the vid AND on the hook. Call your goons!

Michael-BloombergThis song is rides.  The rapper’s name is ShowYouSuck.  Dude reminds me of Chuck Inglish… good flow.

Defend Big Gulps – Defend Freedom.  Grab your Defend Freedom t-shirt over at ENDO Apparel of course.  The “Defend Frozen Drinks” t-shirt might be a one of one… shit is cold though despite the weird looking AK with the muzzle device of some sort, I’m not going to lie.

2:07 – He respectfully declines because he’d rather watch Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.  LOL


Hat tip : Clint


Confiscators gonna confiscate:

He makes some great points in this video.  Like I said in the past, the people that are against guns really need to see these vids.  If you know anyone that is on the fence or against guns, have a MrColionNoir viewing party and invite them over or something. ;)

MrColionNoir-Defend-Freedom-Tshirt-ENDO1:27 – hahaha great Zoolander reference.

You can grab your own Defend Freedom t-shirt over at ENDO Apparel.


That’s right.. 3 brand new designs!


  • Defend Freedom AR-15
  • Standard Capacity 30 Rounds
  • 1911 Keep Calm And Carry One (by very popular request)

Available for order now from ENDO Apparel.

Standard Capacity 30 RoundsSince all of my previous shirts only had front prints, I had a great idea for a back print so I decided to throw one on the shirt you see the AR-15 magazine on.  The back of it is pictured left… football number style.

The California t-shirt, and the keep calm ones are all filled up now too… so have at them.

Thanks as always for the support!