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Artsy, I like it:

1:44 – haha yessss my “Not Legal In New York” morale patch makes a cameo on Paloma’s bum.  She’s the head of Defense Distributed.  I also make a Not Legal In New York stickers too if you check the site (In addition to the Not Legal in California patch and stickers).

Ghost Gunner 3 is up for pre-order – $2100 + shipping.  Very cool what it’s capable of.  You can click the link to read the full features list.

I’m actually surprised Cody hasn’t been back on Twitter since his release to stir up shit like he used to.  According to an article posted yesterday on the Washington Free Beacon (yea I’ve never heard of it either), Cody will be returning to Defense Distributed.  He’s not a prohibited person since he accepted a plea deal.


Gat tip: Matthew


Starring Paloma (the new director of Defense Distributed):

Awesome to see they are still at it.  4 months is a long time with no videos or really any announcements of any type.  You can google the whole Cody Wilson arrest if you’re not already familiar… I’m still not sure whether or not I should put another layer on my tinfoil hat and polish it again.

I admire Paloma for taking Cody’s place.  I hope moves continue to be made.  Being the head of an organization that a good portion of the country (world even?) hates, plus having many of the states and the federal government lining up to sue every chance they get, and to have to sue them in return for various reasons would stressful to say the least.



This video is art:

Awesome.  You can donate on the DEFCAD website. 🤘


You’ll soon be able to download guns again:

Huge victory.  Looks like DEFDIST is putting it all back online again on August 1st.  I love their tagline – “Private Defense Tech Development In The Public Interest”.

hahah the top comment on the video is “Can’t wait till we have 3d printed waifus”.  Classic.



An artsy promo video to go with it:

The Ghost Gunner 2 sells for $1675.  Defense Distributed also sells the 80% receivers on their site… which you then turn into functional firearms by using the Ghost Gunner 2.

Thoughts?  Anyone own or use a Ghost Gunner 1?  Is it as simple to use as it looks?


This Defense Distributed ghost gun machine is savage:

According to the video, the units people paid for are shipping now.  If you hit up the Ghost Gunner website you’ll see it’s back in “pre-order” mode where you can put a hold on a unit for $250.  I’m not sure if the units are still going for $1200 as they were before, there is no clarification currently on the site and the FAQ is out of date.

When you hit the black screen it’s not the end of the video… there is a dramatic pause until 1:40 then some ominous footage of the ghost gunner HQ I’m assuming and…… wait for it…. wait for it….. a Mark Forged 3D Carbon fiber printer, which the owner of that particular company decided to be a douchebag and “ban” Defense Distributed Cody from purchasing one.  I can’t wait to see what he does with that thing.

Defense-Distributed-Ghost-Gunner-CNCThoughts?  Any of you guys grab one of these Ghost Gun machines?  I feel like $1200 is an acceptable enough price, especially if you went in on one with a few buddies.  The worst part about all this though seems to be timing.  I would have assumed the AR-15 lower market is so far past saturated as of even like a year or two ago.  Who knows though, maybe not! If nothing else, this “machine” is definitely going to shake up some lawmakers.