demand a plan

Obviously the “demand a plan” thing failed… so now they are just skipping straight to demanding action:

Watch it in 1080P, Visually stunning… I don’t know who most of those cartoonists are, but their work is pretty unique for the most part.

I was agreeing with the video at first because I thought it was pointing out how many defenseless people get killed.  Troll successful.  Just kidding… I knew I was being trolled. Too bad we couldn’t troll back in the comments, not that I blame them for blocking them.  The vid is narrated by Philip Seymour Hoffman and Julianne Moore, if you’re looking for two more actors to boycot.  Some of you guys won’t be able to watch a hollywood movie if it isn’t starring Bruce Willis, Brad Bitt, or Angelina Jolie. haha  I’ll tell you what, if Philip Seymour Hoffman comes out with a BBQ sauce, I’ll boycott the shit out of that.


Hat tip: Art


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Some law enforcement “leaders” demand it:

Demand-A-Plan-Background-ChecksThat chief hat looks HUGE on that guy’s head.

Although I agree that criminals, the mentally ill etc.. shouldn’t have guns, I find it hard to even remotely support the message of an organization that wants to BAN HIGH CAPACITY ASSAULT CLIPS and make something that’s already illegal (straw purchases) more illegal… don’t even ask… I have no idea.



Taking a look at the Demand A Plan scam:

MAIG-Demand-A-Plan-To-End-Gun-ViolenceYea exactly.  This guy know what’s up.  I know the painting looking video after effects are his “thing”, but it’s obnoxious. :P

He has another video called Guns Are Good which is also worth watching.




The Entire NFL collection of present and former players, and all they could get was five?  Yea that’s a fail…

Deion-SandersThey five are: Deion Sanders, Marshall Faulk, Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin, Ladainian Tomlinson since I know some of you guys are always looking for new people to boycott. :P

This whole demand a plan garbage always was useless, and is becoming even more usless now that they are reaching to every corner of the celebrity world to try and get average people on the bandwagon.  What’s next, the cast of Storage Wars demanding a plan?  PuhLeeze.



Did this seriously air during the Super Bowl?

I don’t watch sports, but please tell me some stock photos shoved into a weak-ass powerpoint presentation didn’t air during the most watched game of the year?

MAIG-Demand-A-Plan-To-End-Gun-ViolenceActually I hope it did air… that way people might not take their whole disarmament plan and “Ban Military-Style Assault Weapons and High-Capacity Magazines” crap seriously, when they see MAIG can’t even put together a semi-professional looking 30 second ad.