demolition ranch

Demolition Ranch, his sister, and a couple friends from California play some pool:

chappelle-princeIt actually turned out better than I thought.

Works well as training too because “Real life is 360 degrees brAH”


Demolition Ranch links up with a drinking bro for an elaborate shooting video:

Demolition-Ranch-Alcohol-ShootingCool, I like the creativity.  Sounds like a hell of a drink too.


Demolition Ranch teaches us everything we need to know:

haha nice work. All very true.  Nice how it touched on the derp scan for a while in the video.  You definitely can’t operate without high-speed derp scanning (and obviously not actually seeing anything).

I really wish more YouTubers made funny vids like this more often than they do.


Bros gonna bro:

Was it purely coincidental that Demolition Ranch did his own Dude Perfect style video a few days ago?  I’m guessing yes, since these things obviously don’t happen over night plus Dude Perfect even managed to get Rainbow Six sponsorship.

Dude-Perfect-Firearm-Trick-Shots2:13 – No ENDO stickers on his gun case… very sus. :P

Ty is pretty damn good at shooting; obviously something he does regularly.  Operator AF with some of the moves too haha. I wonder if those are all his guns?


Gat tip: Zach


Reams on reams on reams on reams:

Demolition-Ranch-ENDOWhy not right?  Demolition Ranch always doing it for the people like he’s doing it for TV.

2:09 – LOL the tied up Barrett .50… Amazing.

I like Demolition Ranch because his videos always have a pretty quick pace to them, and he does unique stuff.


Ranch-DressingThe Demolition Ranch part starts at 1:44.  Why is Mike Rowe’s voice is like 82 octaves below mine?  I realize that just opened me up to get roasted, but whatever.  It’s like the tweeters and mids don’t even move when Mike talks.

4:29 – *not bad face* Good spread…

16:20 – Speaking of thirst traps Mike Rowe was reaching with this one, for the middle aged female audience.

Goofy as expected,  bad I’m happy to see anything pro-2A on a major TV show.  I’m sure some feelings were hurt, and Mike Rowe boycotts were born.  Holy though, I realized again why I never watch actual TV… so much garbage and repetition before something actually happens.

Side note… this video is embedded off Mike Rowe’s official YouTube channel for the show.  What’s with the annoying hardcoded title, background, and shrunk video?