demolition ranch

Ranch-DressingThe Demolition Ranch part starts at 1:44.  Why is Mike Rowe’s voice is like 82 octaves below mine?  I realize that just opened me up to get roasted, but whatever.  It’s like the tweeters and mids don’t even move when Mike talks.

4:29 – *not bad face* Good spread…

16:20 – Speaking of thirst traps Mike Rowe was reaching with this one, for the middle aged female audience.

Goofy as expected,  bad I’m happy to see anything pro-2A on a major TV show.  I’m sure some feelings were hurt, and Mike Rowe boycotts were born.  Holy though, I realized again why I never watch actual TV… so much garbage and repetition before something actually happens.

Side note… this video is embedded off Mike Rowe’s official YouTube channel for the show.  What’s with the annoying hardcoded title, background, and shrunk video?


Demolition Ranch with the Can Cannon:

haha man his little girl is adorable.  She should be in more videos saying funny stuff / shooting even.

Demolition-Ranch-Can-Cannon1:30 – Damn Vortex hooked it upppppppppp.  That’s a pretty sweet scope for free, plus it looks badass on that rifle.

He’s getting really good at that.  It would be funny if 3-gun came out with a can cannon course.



LOL introducing Creepy Cooter into the videos was the best move Matt ever made.  Ahahah him and his buddies have a lot of fun with it too.  Good to see.

Demolition-Ranch-ENDO3:05 – Oh shit now it’s official Cooter is gay.  I’m sure if I had more time to skim the 500+ comments there would be some butthurt about having a gay character, constantly excluding him, then killing his love interest #ItGetsBetter.  Internet controversy is my favorite.

If you’re interested, Matt’s buddy is wearing an ENDO Apparel M16 hat.  Oh and he curved the brim!  I get questions about that all the time… like guys have never curved a brim before.  It’s really not that big of deal just curve it to your liking the first few times you wear it and the curve will stay put.


Demolition Ranch does a test:

Demolition-Ranch-ENDO-Selector-SwitchNeither barrels have any choke.  Interesting results.  I suppose the explantation is the centrifugal force is spinning the shot inside the barrel, then when it gets out it has all that momentum and spins out of the wad.  Rather than in a smooth bore the only force is pushing it forward… no spin.  Too unpredictable for home defense if you ask me.



Demolition-Ranch-ENDO-Selector-Switch1:46 – His sister makes a surprise appearance.

LOL that part with the little girl.

Funny stuff.  Demolition Ranch is awesome.


Hahah they try out one of those can cannons:

Demolition-Ranch-ENDO-Selector-SwitchYea those things are awesome.  Reading the comments on YouTube make my brain hurt though wow.  Surprisingly no one was butthurt about him making the mannequin gay, creepy, then making fun of him, alienating him, and mistreating him.  They were butthurt about other things such as trigger discipline though.  Ugh and people don’t get that the can is travelling WAAAAAAAAAY slower than an actual .223 round… painful.

I hope he keeps Creepy Cooter in the mix… that shit was hilarious.