TIME Magazine calls him: “One of the greatest rubber dummy shooters of our time”:

The last one, where he really comes down on it is my favorite.  I always get this guy and the t-rex arms kid mixed up.  Both are really fast, do something church related as their main thing, and have a penchant for tight fitting denim.  I can’t related on the first two, but on the last point you already know the kid (me, ENDO) is rocking the SPICY 🌶 tight taper on the leg AKA that Naked & Famous “Super Guy”, which hilariously enough they recently renamed to that, from the previous “Super Skinny Guy”… I’m assuming it was because alpha bros 💪 felt emasculated asking shop girls to fetch them something with the words “super skinny” in them.  Couldn’t be me.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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The idea is interesting, I’ll give them that:

$129 pre-order over at S&S Precision.

From what I can see, those are straight up dad jeans.  I’m a bit of a denim snob, and even if you aren’t I’m pretty sure you like the fit and cut of a particular brand the best.  Make this system adaptable to other jeans, then you might have something mass marketable.  

This seems like just another reinvention of the wheel, yet not as good.  The one initial advantage I thought there would be, is that there would be no holster clips visible if a person had their shirt tucked in…. well if you look at how they thread the system in at the beginning of the video, it doesn’t even look like you could tuck your shirt in front of the gun at all. You can do that with a LOT of IWB holsters, which is a good option to have obviously.  That “Expedient carry” pocket doesn’t really look all that useful either.  Sure it would be Mexican carry if you get up from the couch because you heard a noise outside, but it looks like it would be easy to fumble the draw.


Dad-Jeans-With-Built-In-HolsterThoughts? What problem is this solving that I am overlooking? Seems like it’s just creating new ones.

Gat tip: Edwardo


A rare glimpse:

Made specifically for special ops inside the GAP. They call this lady “the jean cleaner”

That bag on her lap is full of so many guns it would make your head spin.

Her primary:

Thanks for the photoshop idea Jordan!


For those of you that were a fan of the previous Winchester Ranger Ammo Comparison.  Here is a similar comparison chart for Speer Gold Dot ammunition:

Readable Full resolution copy available – HERE
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Both charts are definitely worth taking into consideration when choosing you’re carry ammunition.



Full resolution copy available – HERE
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You might want to take a look at this when considering what caliber and type of ammo to carry.

I never realized that the expansion and retention varied so much even within the same caliber depending on the style of bullet you use.

If only there were as many options for 223 ammo.  One can dream…