OH damn!  haha I wonder what song was on 🤔; that’s what I want to be investigated:

Whomst FBI MANS IS THIS? 😂😭  I don’t know anyone who works for the FBI, but in my mind they are all low-key suave dudes like Mulder off X-Files.  I guess they can be “hey everyone look at me” types as well though.  At least the person who got shot, only was shot in the leg… hopefully no long term damage but you never know.

I’m assuming the music in there was loud, which prevented a lot of the people from even realizing what happened… but there was basically only one guy (shorts / black & white hat) who chose to get the hell out of there.

Naturally the YouTube comments gold.  I especially like this one – “He had his gun cocked and ready to fire in his pants?!??!” -Gjergj Camaj

I commented “hE sHuL hAv Had A SeRpA HosLsteR” on the post… waiting to see how that goes over.


Gat tip: Chris

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28 year old Ryan Cole Stone has an 11-page criminal record that began in 2003 and includes assault, receiving stolen property, weapons possession, flight, child abuse and drug offenses, according to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

Full story – Denver Post

helicopter-sharpshooter-sniperAlright so obviously this guy did not give two shits he was being chased by the police, nor did he have any concern for the safety of others.  I don’t understand why they didn’t take a shot from the helicopter, just do the world a favor and kill him early on?  Sure that particular helicopter may not have had someone riding shotgun to do that, but when a chase goes on for that long and is that dangerous why didn’t they send another helicopter with a sharpshooter to take care of it?  People shoot wild hogs from the air with ease and they are quick… I don’t see how shooting this guy would have been any harder considering all the chances they had.  I know some of you are going to say “BUT MIKE HE HAS THE RIGHT TO A FAIR TRIAL.  6th Amendment bRo, look it up”.  Sure, but doesn’t the right to live your life without the worry of being killed by a criminal scumbag trump the right he has to a trial?