derp scan

*reads ENDO once*:

So they are playing a little game to see if the person doing a “scan an assess” is actually even looking.  I think I know how this is going to turn out haha.

2:25 – No-look derp scan #1.  Spectacular failure.

2:39 – They switched the camera angle, but it still appears she just shook her head back and forth a bit.

2:58 – She may have saw Steve on that scan.

3:16 – “Heather… when you did your scan and assess, did you see anything behind you?”  Heather: “No”  Me: OHHHHHH!

3:22 – “On the first scan and asses, Mike was hanging dong.. did you see that at all in your peripheral?”  Heather: *shakes head no*   haha jk he was sitting down.. just making sure you guys are paying attention.

Ok so the unsurprising moral of the video is, if you’re going to scan make sure you ACTUALLY LOOK AT THINGS.



Meh so an 8 year old is pulling the trigger on a CZ scorpion, big deal. The real takeaway here is the no-look derp scan:

Nutnfancy-Googly-Eyes-Herp-DerpThe no-look derp scan is basically the bane of the gun side of the internet.  If you’re going to look, then LOOK.  Don’t shake your head back and forth like an idiot without really seeing anything.

It’s a shame that the no-look derp scan isn’t on the radar of child welfare.  :P

Thoughts?  You impressed?  Or have you been pulling triggers since birth?


Instructor Zero puts on a way-too-long snowy clinic about SHTF derp scan scenarios:

I love the note at the start about how the “FIREARM WAS CLEARED AND CHECKED BY MULTIPLE SOURCES”.  Anti-troll maneuver fo sho…. lets see if I can find other material *fingers crossed* *close captions on*

1:28 – “The point is a need to find the coffin I need to move soon”

I literally have no idea what he’s saying about 80% of the time at least.

2:14 – “Because think about in the mall if a key part the Ghandi have a gunfighter what can happen inside people going penny and when people you under penny Meacham danjus for their cell and for us”  <— PREAAAACH.  Nailed it Zero.

This whole video reminds me of one of the Polenar Tactical Instructor Zero parodies (which coincidentally also took place in the snow). Polenar also parodied him amazingly on the Christmas Special. The combination of those two and maybe a couple more jabs are what apparently got Funker Tactical panties in a bunch.

ambi-turner-zoolanderWe know Zero can shoot like hell.  Is this exaggerated robot shit legit though?  Looks ridiculous.  I’m sad the students weren’t shown practicing it.  It’s amazing how different these “checks” and theories are from instructor to instructor.

5:00 – Zero just shit on all us non ambi-turners.  Thanks bro.

Thoughts? Sometimes I swear these Zero vids are just for trolling purposes.