This joker:

DerpWho knows what that idiot was trying to do, but it looks to me like a “hold my beer and watch this” type scenario.  This video could also be fake… I can’t really tell by the pixels, but maybe some of you can.  It wouldn’t be the first time some enterprising genius tried to create something “viral”.  If the video is real, best case scenario the guy is missing a bit of hair and probably has some poop in his pants.

Anyways, moral of the story is don’t be an idiot around guns.


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Fam Nooooooooooooo:

@sighthistory spotted this TactiDERP over at @mission_ready_system *smh* Good find all around. ??⚰?

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DerpIf you’re not already following me on Instagram you should be.  Lots of great memes and funny comments.

If you don’t think anything is wrong in this picture, educate yourself haha.


TriggerPoint may not have a working website but bet your ass they still have a product LOL. From SHOT a couple days ago:

That Trigger Point guy should win an Oscar for his straight faced sales pitch of the product’s features.  The sad thing is he believes every word of it.

1:40 – Whoa guys hold on a sec, this one is for “Snipers; really high-end users”. *product sells out immediately*

The guy at the end of the video sums it up perfectly, I’m glad that part was also filmed and added in although I wish they would have confronted Trigger Point guy directly about the derp. Sounds like that would have been a great task for Phuc Long right?

If you want to see the first post I did on TriggerPoint, it has another derpy demonstration and a humorous instructional video.


Gat tip: Kevin



First derp draw surprise happens at 0:08 if you’re as impatient as I am.

Tactical-Tummy-IWBSo as you can see he carries it in a V type position, with the barrel pointing upwards at an angle and awkwardly flips it into his hands.  Yea… that’ll work under stress and not result in him shooting his gut, hand, or someone else negligently.

0:47 – Wow that fake barrel racking motion.  10/10 so operator *eye roll*

Thoughts?  Will President Trump outlaw Mexican carry because it’s un-American?  I hope so… shit’s downright reckless.


Fails from day 1 of the DARPA robotics challenge:

Chappiehaha it’s like they showed up drunk.  Not quite Chappie levels of agility yet.  If it’s anything like the movies though, these robots will definitely have the last laugh when they turn on mankind and try to kill us all.

There’s a short article at IEEE Spectrum which you can read.  Some of the comments are pretty funny / butthurt.

Gat tip: Luke


Pure gold.  I’ve NEVER seen chaos so guided *tear rolls down cheek*:

If you remember my first post on Guided Chaos titled “Sometimes His Mom Lets Him Train“, the video was a pure train wreck.  Obviously as you can see they didn’t take the criticism constructively, instead they made that video private (standard move).

In the above video there are a lot of fancy, low impact looking quick moves.  My gut instinct tells me that would work like bullshit in real life, but what do I know?

0:05 – These quick air moves will at least let your attacker know you’re batshit crazy.  Probably not a bad psychological maneuver actually.  I’d recommend reaching down your pants and pulling poop out though pre-jazz hands, just to up the ante.

0:20 – A LOT of jostling in this video, and slaps and yells at “attackers” which are calmly swaying back and forth.

0:27 – Yesssssss. I knew disarms were coming.  So legit guys.  Take notes.

0:33 – All killer no filler.

0:35 – Those slaps tho…

0:43 – Whoa I thought for a second here the Chaos was going off the rails for a sec… but then I was like “nope…. nope… I see you brAh my bad, it’s guided”.

I think this guy must have attended the Guided Chaos school for CQC:

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Get some more Guided Chaos over at their website Attack Proof, and find out where you can train with them.

Guided-Chaos-Adaptive-DefenseI’m still not entirely sure this isn’t all a big joke, and these guys are the master trolls of the close quarters combat world.

Thoughts?  Would train with?  Would at least *doosh doosh* *doosh doosh* with?