In the USA at least they have the freedom to be the tools they are:

I don’t know who I’m more disappointed in, the instructors or the students.  Both exhibit mind blowing levels of derp. Yea I agree portrait mode video is derpy as well, but at least this was documented.

Freedom Tools popped smoke and did the facebook delete maneuver to avoid the blow back.  Good call haha.  Another training company who apparently were the hosts of this group called West Texas Shooting Academy are taking the brunt of the abuse now.    Here is their official statement from the facebook page:

Ladies and gentlemen yesterday I posted a video of a training class that was held yesterday. I am catching a lot of flack for this class. I want to break this down for everyone because the information and statements that are being posted are not truthful.

Here is the situation, I own West Texas Shooting Academy. We have a shooting league that meets twice a month. Yesterday we invited Matthew Bennett the lead instructor from Freedom Tools to conduct a room clearing drill. I made a mistake, I never watched, or went through a class with them. I do not teach any military, or tactical training, only basics, and fundamentals. The video is part of the drill that that Matthew was teaching. This was his class, West Texas Shooting Academy was finished with our portion of the scheduled training for the day. The reason they “Freedom Tools” were there, was so we “West Texas Shooting Academy” could observe one of their classes, in hopes of working with them. Obviously this is not going to happen. We will not have them back for any other classes. Again, I take responsibility for inviting them to do a demo class. We are a great school and resource for anyone wanting training on safety, basics, and fundamentals. I stand by that statement as tall as i can!

If you feel the need to comment, or bash anyone for this particular class, please address the company and instructor that were in charge of the instruction.

I appreciate the fact the owner of the hosting company is getting out in front of this.  As an owner of something though it’s kind of your responsibility to make sure if it has your name attached to it you’re happy with the association.  Shitty he didn’t do any due diligence.

Freedom-Tools-TrainingThe original poster of the video on Facebook is Brooke Adams, who as you can see by the comments if you click through that link is absolutely shitting a brick over the entire situation (rightfully so).  What I do find priceless though is that she has some sort of affiliation with Jason Pike (Trident Tactical Solutions “Jostle king” / “Forward of the muzzle prince”), who if you remember from the top posts from the last two days is hardly a shining beacon of safety either.  haha if you’re into facebook maybe call her out on that.

Thoughts?  Would Charlie’s Angels pose with buddies at a Freedom Tools course once they re-surface?

Shout outs to my dude HighCapacityTV for the re-upload.

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Some twitter derp for this crisp Friday morning:


*face palm*  it’s no surprise that all these anti-gun types hear is hot-button words and then jump to quick conclusions.  “Assault” “full auto” “high capacity” … all good examples which make their spidey sense tingle.

14 retweets, 3 favorites, and about 100 comments on that little statement of hers though.  I say some pretty profound stuff (no I don’t hahah) on twitter and I never get anywhere close to that and I have a hell of a lot more than 82 followers.

LOL in another tweet of her’s she talks about how in the wake of the Ferguson riots her husband wants to get a gun, but she does not want one because having a gun in the house obviously means her husband will shoot her or her kid accidentally…. or maybe even on purpose because you know how guns “turn” good people evil.  Godspeed Jennifer’s husband… godspeed.


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Taught by Israeli military and special ops shooting instructor Kfir Cohen:

Don’t even think about making fun of this stuff guys;  remember… “Americans Shoot, Israeli’s FIGHT“.  You’re not operator to understand the Israeli methods.

0:02 – Strong opening, with everyone pointing guns and pulling the trigger at each other.  Although generally condemned by Americans, Israelis love this stuff.  It was also featured on Tactical Butthurt Professional Israeli Krav Systems instructor Nir Maman’s video I posted about a while back.

0:09 – If you yell, the bullets go faster.  This is science, don’t refute my claims.

0:17 – Hold up, did he just fake-reload without taking a knee *smh* we might have an Israeli tactical imposter on our hands.

0:26 – Run down the road then a tactical robotic butthole clench “putting the brakes on” type move.  Straight out of the Israeli Operators Manual.

1:35 – Goes into medium sized horse ride / tactical poop stance

Nothing really notable happens after that point in the video.


Gat tip: no uno (I actually wrote “gat” by accident but then thought HEY MAYBE THAT’LL BE MY NEW THING haha)


haha pugs are so derpy, I love it.  The tongue unknowingly sticking out is so textbook.

Nutnfancy-Googly-Eyes-Herp-DerpThe gun handling, sound, loadouts, and muzzle flashes are atrocious… All in all not a great video.



You might recall the whole cartridge leaving the barrel derp in a promo video they put out a few days ago:

Glock-Whole-CartridgeWell that got swept under the rug and cleaned up in editing.  Now we’re left with just a plain old bullet exiting the barrel:

Someone sent me the full old video in 720p, so I’ll put it in my “archives” along with the other classic removed videos I managed to collect.

Thoughts? Think someone got fired over that mistake?


Someone at Glock left the After Effects machine on.  Oh yea, and an HK Level mega-derp happens:

In case the video disappears – this happened at 0:20 LOLOL:


Seriously?  Last time I checked Glock the company was reportedly worth a few billion dollars.  Do they NOT have EVEN ONE person there who could micromanage the marketing and promotions team!?!?  If I had any desire to ever work for anyone again, I would make Glock (which happens to be my favorite firearms company) an offer they couldn’t refuse and clean things up around there.

Apparently the video was released at SHOT Show this past January. I find it hard to believe the thousands of gun people there didn’t make fun of it enough, that they would change that part before uploading it to YouTube. New Troll-Marketing strategy over there maybe? haha

Besides the mega-derp the vid was actually pretty cool.  A lot better than most of their other promo videos.