Initially I assumed this was a sponsored video from Brandon.¬† ūüėā¬† a couple minutes in, and I’m 100% sure it’s not:

Oh lawd Heizer Defense… I realize this is totally a “because we could” type gun.. but yea 7.62x39mm out of a barrel that’s not even a few inches long just screams pointless.

1:20 – Yikes.. having to pull the trigger a handful of times before it actually fired is not ideal.

1:24 – Not being able to open it up by hand, so he resorts to hitting the slide with a hammer gets awarded one more “yike” from me.¬† I’ll throw in a bonus yike for having to ram out the spent casing.

2:44 – Brandon calls out the weird blade bois during the knife sponsored segment.

4:50 – ahaha the go/ no go / field gauge shenanigans had me rolling.

6:28 – This gun just keeps getting worse and worse.

9:18 – Oh wow, it fired on the first trigger pull.¬† Too bad he couldn’t open it.

The Heizer logo just screams “lower back tattoo”.¬† It’s definitely one of my litmus tests for evaluating a logo.¬† If I see lower back tattoo potential, then it goes in the bad pile.¬† I’m not talking bad meaning good either… I’m talking bad meaning BAD.

Heizer.. Scheisse ūüėŹ.¬† Any thoughts fellas?


Monica Royal Nonesuch:

Oh yeaaaaah CAN’T EVEN morale patch on the plate carrier. ¬†Tag still on the plate carrier like a Real Muthaphukkin G.

ENDO, Shoot Steel, MS Clean, The Bill Cosby Sweater Company, Oakley… Royal Nonsuch is getting PAID.

Royal-Nonesuch-ENDO3:42 РRoyal was riding dirty with this burner and he got pulled over.  The officer let him slide though.  Good to hear they knew the rules rather than freaking out.  Dudes be like *smh* white privilege *smh*.

Check this link out If you missed the video of the first time Royal shot this thing, along with his video on the build itself.

Gat tip: James


Another glorious Royal Nonesuch build. Testing in the Orchid colored triblend like a boss:

1:38 – haha earbud hearing protection as usual as says he doesn’t care what you think.

7:00 – I don’t know how well a mechanix utility glove would stop an errant shard of steel… but like the earbuds they are all better than nothing I suppose. ¬†Please tell me those are the Oakley M Frames with ballistic protection? ¬†Did Royal Nonesuch seriously make that big of a leap in safety? ¬†If so, shocking.

Here is a three video playlist where he discusses and builds the gun:

Royal-Nonesuch-ENDOHe definitely has confidence in these builds. ¬†I’d probably be wearing a Sir Arthur Hi-Point style outfit if I was testing that type of thing.

That gun is begging for a small picatinny rail and either a red dot optic or a 8-32x Nightforce on top for trolling purposes.