desert eagle

Case in point.. back to back in my feed:

I’m genuinely worried about the Polenar Tactical guys’ ventilation sitch… did you see that smoke when they shot the gasoline t-shirt?  Smoke literally hung in the air.  At a well ventilated range that would be sucked out so quickly once you turned on the fans.

Obligatory Cokeman video:

I’m not mad at it though.  Is it really any surprise that a gun that shoots a 1/2″ round, is often gold, and comes in a tiger striped option became a meme gun? 😂


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Cokeman doing cokeman things:

Cokeman-Desert-Eagleahhahah Ave Maria music as he tosses all 4lbs of it.  The gold tiger strip model too… this is visual poetry guys.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… this guy is important to the culture.

4:24 – *smh* the old prove it safe by dropping the hammer with the gun facing your dick.  This guy.

Cokeman makes sure to eloquently state in the description that there is no prize “or gay shit like that, just shitassery”.



New from Magnum Research:


Posted for no other reason than to point out how retarded “DESERT EAGLE 1911 G” looks on the side of it.  If you own this your life is probably like “fuggitabout it and get out of my way bRAH.  I’m on a mission to pick up more whey before I hit the gym, perfect the mirror flex selfie, pick out a couple new button-ups at Abercrombie, wear a notch hat with mirror tint white Oakley gascan sunglasses, and disrespect women.”  Pure obnoxious douchebaggery.  The fact anyone would pay anywhere near the MSRP of $900 for this thing absolutely blows my mind.

Magnum Research doesn’t do this to all their handguns, but they definitely do it to some of them.  Thank god they’ve stayed away from the actual Desert Eagle Mark XIX line so far.



Jon Chaos with some custom Deagle hand loads:

Yea that’s cool.  One of those things you’d see in a movie and roll your eyes… but this one is FOR REAL.


Clips from twenty four different movies:

So epic.  I should just buy one of those guns already just for the hell of it.  I talk / think about them enough haha.  Too bad I want OJ’s gun with the buttstock, suppressor, and scope the most. LOL

Hollywood loves that gun alright.



You’ll laugh so hard you just might poop your lederhosen:

I’m assuming there’s going to be at least one comment questioning whether this was an American made Deagle or an Israeli Deagle, then proceeding to suggest a possible Jewish conspiracy against the Bavarian hat establishment reaching back to the 2nd world war.  Jewish conspiracies are the best kind (if you didn’t know)… and when it comes to pretty much any topic on the internet from guns to investing they are rampant. Coincidence that I lost this post the first time I typed it up, and it failed to autosave? Ha.. I think not. See what I mean? :P