hahah so good:

The sad thing is, this would sell like crazy at 2 times the price.

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Products currently haunting my dreams:
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The Holy Grail.  Looks legit *snicker*:





Let me start off by saying I know… every time I troll anyone who makes a product it’s because “I’m jealous”.  Haters gonna hate, I get it guys… I really wish I would have thought of the notch hat, tactical arm tape, etc… and of course the above shirts.

I mean look at those designs…. they were practically handed down to whoever runs Redneck Nation Clothing by Jesus himself.  “Go forth and maketh millions” he said before turning a bunch of water into wine and partying down with the guys.  DJ Disciple on the Technics *record scratch sounds* *bomb drop sounds* *thunder sounds* *choir of angels sounds*, no pyro for obvious reasons.

Did Jesus call Magazines clips?  If my above scenario was correct, it would appear he did.

Handguns are badass as is… but handguns in slide lock? Yea that’s pretty much Tier -13 when it comes to gun related t-shirt design.  I’ll be kicking myself for years to come knowing I wasn’t the guy who started that trend.

FullClipBuy all their shirts over at Full Clip Gear, then take pictures of yourself on Instagram, @mention me in them along with #HatersGonnaHate.


Hat tip: Cliff


The Ruger 10/22 turned 50… Ruger is throwing you owner / operators a bone with a contest:


We want YOU to help design the next Ruger® 10/22® rifle!

Do you have a customized 10/22® rifle that everyone wants? Submit your design to the Ruger® 10/22® 50th Anniversary Design Contest and thousands of people may have the chance to buy a rifle based on your design. To enter for a chance to win, submit a photo of your customized rifle, an itemized parts list and a brief description of your design between now and 12:00 p.m. ET on Friday, October 18. We’ll select ten finalists based on the style of their submitted design, Ruger’s ability to produce, and its appeal to Ruger consumers. Then, we’ll let Ruger fans vote for their favorite design. Enter your design today for a chance to become a part of Ruger history!

More info and entry details over at the contest website.

Troll-FaceSome see a contest, I see a good opportunity to troll.  I wish I had a 10/22, extra picatinny rails, a ton of accessories, and a lot of time on my hands… my entry would be majestic.  I have confidence others will step up to the plate though with honorable troll submissions.



A new blog I started recently:

Hopefully some of you that visit and enjoy ENDO will be interested in the content over there as well!  The post you see at the top is a welcome post but there are a few posts with actual content below it.

As the name and tag line suggest, it will be for all things military inspired… with a heavy lean toward fashion.

Thanks for all the support guys, and I hope to have at least some of you reading and commenting over there!  If nothing else, i’m sure a lot of you will appreciate the military styling cues I put into the blog design and logo.

Stockpile Designs is the bomb at re-purposing:

The lamp pictured above is made with the tail fins of a 100-lb bomb from the Korean War. Paint and corrosion are removed to expose gleaming steel, interrupted by rough machinists marks from the factory. The interior of the fins retains the original turquoise paint, for a subtle wink of color. Finished with a polished nickel socket, elegant cloth-wrapped cord, and an ultra-premium natural linen shade. – Price: $780

The above lamp is made from a MK23 Practice Bomb was used by the Navy during WWII for dive-bombing trials. The central shaft was fitted with a flare, so the pilots could judge their accuracy from the air.  – Price $120

The above light is made from a Cluster bomb bomblet.  Cluster bombs were hollow cylinders, with compartments packed with these explosive bomblets. At a certain altitude the casing of the cluster bomb would split, and the bomblets would spring open and fall towards the target. Unfortunately, bomblets sometimes failed to detonate on impact, leading to civilian deaths for years after the end of conflict. – Price $90

You can check out the rest of their designs at

Really neat stuff.  You automatically know it’s going to be quality just looking at the materials and the craftsmanship from back in the day.  The prices aren’t that bad either, especially for the smaller items.

Hat tip: Justin W, Kev, Lisa P


A conceptual design project called Raygun52 by Google Designer Alex Griendling:

Pictured above are a couple of the latest ones.  The site is definitely worth taking a look at if you’re into design and want to see some interesting/quirky ideas.

Head over to Raygun52 to see them all.