OH LAWD!  Is this real life?

Seeing a gun ground up like that is like seeing a puppy being shot in the face, or a bird’s beak broken in half.  All three are heartbreaking, and should never have to be even thought about.

What ever happened to just selling the guns to cartels or recirculating them to gang members to kill each other?  That’s far more humane and easier to stomach.

I want to throw a Deagle full of C4 in that machine just to send a message.

Gunbuster-Firearm-DestroyerGrind up the Hi-Points… save the Glocks.  I might start a movement… Facebook fan page coming soon.

You can visit the Gunbusters homepage, read more info and send them angry emails if you like.



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Please Hammer don’t hurt em:

Research and development over at Gemtech results in some suppressors that don’t make the cut.  What do they do?  Naturally they head to the parking lot with them and a sledge hammer.

Good choice of music for the video.  Wow did I ever cringe at 0:18 seconds when he gave that suppressor the first whack and it launched into the air.   At least he had glasses on… not that those would probably do much.


Providence, RI – Malik Hall, a round-eyed second-grader, looked apprehensive as he stood in line with his favorite toy, a thick, blue gun with plastic sword underneath the muzzle. The 8-year-old was furious when his mother, Amanda, told him he would have to give it up. Yesterday morning, he tried to hide it under his pillow, she said.

“I’m worried,’’ she said. “He might cry.’’

But when it was his turn, Malik strode dry-eyed and with quiet dignity to the Bash-O-Matic and fed it the gun. When his mother approached, he said nothing.

Full Story – HERE

That is just cold blooded. How that is even allowed is beyond me…

It will be interesting to see how kids that get everything “dangerous” taken away from them will turn out. My guess is drug use and violence will be at an all time high, which would be pretty ironic.


Artist Michael Tompert takes Apple’s products and wrecks them with blowtorches, sledgehammers, handsaws and handguns. His large-scale prints of the detritus are surprisingly colorful and beautiful.

“It’s an alternate viewpoint,” explained Tompert at a preview of his first gallery show, which opens in San Francisco today. “They’re beautiful inside. They’re beautiful when you open them up.”

How he did it:

So point blank with some weak-ass cardboard covering, and no gloves…. Nice… real nice. I wonder if he even had on safety glasses?

Some people… *shakes head*.  Live to dodge Darwin another day Michael…

Hat tip: CultOfMac


Sends an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) out and destroys the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag.

Looks like a good thing to do to those “Big Brother” type tags that are in passports and licenses. I don’t buy the whole “it saves valuable time” excuse.  Whats wrong with passports still using bar codes, or various other look up methods that don’t emit short range broadcasts of information?


The flashing light and sounds effects are a nice touch.

Definitely something you wont find in RFID for Dummies

How to build your own – HERE

Hat Tip: SayUncle


[youtube width=”560″ height=”340″][/youtube]

You just can’t beat slow motion video of shooting and blowing stuff up.

Hat Tip: Steve @ TheFirearmBlog