deterrence dispensed

haha Deterrence Dispensed in the houuuuuuuuuuuse:

0:43 – “3d printed 9mm semi-automatic weapons, which are basically machine guns” hahah WHAT.. WhhhhUT?

Oh wow, they really spent 8.5 minutes talking about 5 guns.  They mentioned explosives too, but since they said a FGC-9 is ” basically a machine gun” I wouldn’t be surprised if the explosives they seized are more like a box of matchbooks.

4:30 – I love how they have a y-ending nickname for a lot of common occupations in Australia.  bikey (Biker gang), sparky (electrician), bricky (brick layer), chippy (carpenter) etc… honestly the cutest shit ever.

Thoughts?  Do they have to mirror the STL files in order to print them in Australia? 🤔

Never forget the illegal gun cloud over Sydney Australia in 2010.  Multiple weathermen probably still in jail for that.

Gat tip: Kev

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