Gunner’s Mate Keith McGinley prepares singer/actress Jessica Simpson for a .50-caliber gun shoot during a USO and Navy Entertainment sponsored visit aboard the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75).

You can also get a highres photo at the source – HERE

Hopefully some pirates got in the way of her shooting. I’m glad to see she is still supporting our troops and doing the USO thing.


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While mounting the M2 machine gun onto the turret system of his MATV during pre-combat checks, this soldier experienced difficulty inserting the locking pin on the MOD 93 machine gun mount.  The soldier then attempted to force the locking pin into place with a rock. After this failed, he then secured a loose .50 cal. round, using it to hammer at the locking pin, attempting to force the locking pin into place.  After several hits with the .50 cal. round, the primer activated, setting the round off in the soldier’s hand. Extensive injuries were suffered to his right hand, middle, ring and pinky finger.

See the official weapons safety message memo – HERE
*Warning Very Graphic*

It’s really unfortunate when Darwin comes for soldiers… but hitting a live round? COME ON.. how does he think his machine gun fires?  This incident would have been a bit more understandable if it occurred in the heat of combat, but the memo specifically states the soldier was mounting the M2 onto the turret, pre-combat.

On the bright side, I guess he get a ticket out of Trashcanistan.


If one LEGO gun can almost get a kid suspended.  That same principal would be fighting for the death penalty for a kid that brings this to school:

I count 5 mini guns alone!  Those mounted black squared off guns are likely supposed to be Browning M2 (Ma Deuce) machine guns, I see 2 of those.

The LEGO zombies don’t stand a chance!

Amazon doesn’t have the whole set, but they do have these LEGO zombie town folk.

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Awesome pictures of an entire post Apocalypse style LEGO town with more vehicles and neat buildings at Flickr – HERE

Hat Tip: Walls of the City