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InRangeTV is awesome, and so is Deviant Ollam.  I’ve posted some of the hacks Deviant Ollam has done in the past… epic stuff.  Seems like a really cool shoot he puts on.


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Feb 12, 2015 episode with the guys from Security Weekly:

Deviant Ollam shows up first at 7:26, and is on for the rest of the show.  It’s basically all firearm related, so you guys will probably be interested in taking the time to watch it.

ENDO gets a shoutout at 16:28 for the comments in the post I did on his DEFCON 19 talk on hacking firearm lock boxes.  A lot of good info in the comments of that post from him and others.

He absolutely destroys any hope you may of had of a GunBox protecting your firearm from anything more than a person’s casual curiosity.  That said, it was never supposed to be a “safe”, and I still think it’s alright for what I’m using it for and what most other people are probably (hopefully) using it for.

Deviant-OllamDeviant also has a detailed explanation with pictures on his blog, in a post called Reflections on the GunBox.  I couldn’t find part two where they were planning on attempting to clone the GunBox RFID tag, so I’m assuming they must not have done it yet.  I should also note that I’ve never experienced any issues like he had with the RFID + fingerprint reader method.  I might have a newer generation GunBox though, because the top of mine where the fingerprint reader is looks different.

I really have to start reading more on security, and watching more related videos.  Every time I do, I go down a rabbit hole for hours and hours, and remember how interested I am in the topic.