LOL this is so gross.  Mattv2099 you crazy:

Initially I thought he was trolling when he said Mountain Dew actually created a drink with this taste.  Sounds disgusting, but he was right it’s real. I bet you though that Pepsi (MTN Dew’s parent company) is smart enough to know that off the novelty alone they will make millions.

I used to drink fountain drinks when we would go out for supper some places with my parents, my sister and I would sometimes mix a bunch of flavors together (who didn’t right?).  As far as adding solids though, I didn’t get past ice cream and little cut up fruit like grapes.  To make the drink nacho cheese flavored would have made me gag back then too.

Mattv2099-Run-Guns-ENDO-ApparelMatt truly is furthering science, and should be hired by Glock’s R&D department for testing.  They could even give him his own trollture lab, where he could do skunkworks style projects with unlimited funding.



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