Gold, Diamonds, Platinum, Ivory, Turtle Sheel, Bull Horn, Silk…. *PEW* *PEW*





Source – NotCot

Hopefully coming to a rap video near you.  Designer David Roux Fouillet created a custom jig for his airgun and some custom bullets which he then fires into a custom ring.  The bullets smash everything together and create the setting.

Here is a slow motion video of it in action:

Ouch, that shot in the video straight disrespect his mount.  Pieces everywhere!  Must have been made out of some pretty cheap metal considering it’s just an air gun firing the bullet.


I like this idea a lot, but naturally the use of an air gun rather than a large caliber rifle leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  Maybe next dinner plate sized platinum medallion I decide I need, I’ll holler at Richard Ryan, and him and I will create a platinum .50 BMG “LUX AS _ _ _ _” load and blast it out of his Barrett. Ball so hard…

<– Dude’s logo is on point!  He has a website too, but unfortunately it’s just a splash page with the logo and his email address.



Benji Madden commissioned it for his brother and fellow rocker Joel Madden:

The band they are from is called Good Charlotte.  I’m not going to hate on dudes that wear makeup, because if that’s your thing then do it… but I still gotta chuckle at the ridiculousness of it.  That said, I’ll support a guy that wears makeup and is into guns any day.  The joke is on me anyway because those guys have got more chicks than I’ll ever even talk to.  Joel Madden in fact is married to Nicole Richie.

Jeweler to the stars Ben Baller is the man behind the diamond paved bullet pendant.  I’ve been following Ben for quite a while and he does some really nice looking work.  Cocky as hell, but he earned that right and can back it up.  The video is actually the 3rd episode from his new reality show, where each week he ices out a different celeb with something custom.

$3000 seems awfully low for something like that, but I guess Ben did say toward the middle of the episode that he was just trying to do a bit better than break even because Benji is his friend and it’s for the show.

Thoughts?  Would you rock that pendant?