Diana DeGette

Don’t believe me? Just watch:


V-Neck by ENDO Apparel…. is something I’ll never say.  MrColionNoir can pull it off. Me though? As white guy in my early 30s I find it too drafty, and it elevates my hipster look to dangerous levels. Besides, I knew about v-necks before they were cool. Lately I’ve been going full Trinidad James with the gold chains, so a shirt isn’t even considered. Shout out to them freshmen, on instagram strait flexin. Pop a Glock and I’m sweatin’ *Whoo* Pop a Glock and I’m sweatin’ *Whoo*.


Thoughts? If you’re a real operator then fuck with me.


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Colorado Democratic representative Diana DeGette:

hahah wow… pure “shoulder thing that goes up” style gold.  How do people like this still have jobs?  That said, her idea of a magazine made purely of cartridges she is actually an intriguing idea… I’m picturing the functionality of linked ammunition but built into 30 round box mag configurations.

According to this Denver Post article, the sheriff that spoke after her politely educated her.  People are too nice… someone should have made her embarrassed enough to cry.  This is the same state that Magpul is moving out of… and this lady doesn’t even know a high capacity assault clipazine from a standard 30 round magazine.

Two more reasons why CO residents don’t need high capacity assault magazine clips:

  1. The Denver police department has an amazing response time (not sure if serious…)
  2. If there’s a home invasion, you’ll probably be dead anyway.

Diana-DeGetteI love how she states all her “facts” with such authority too.


Hat tip: Ian