die hard

This is cool:

Cool, unlike when someone tells you “Die hard is my favorite Christmas movie”, and you both laaaaaaagh oh boy do you laugh.  I’m actually probably guilty of using that line at one point or another too.

I’m not sure if they ship to the US, but It’s only 10 GBP (which google tells me is about $13 USD) on Firebox.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Artist Greg Broadwell with something that costs more than you make in a month:

Glock-7-1 Glock-7-2 Glock-7-3

I know what you’re going to say “You’d be surprised what I make in a month.” *eye roll* haha

Crooks-And-Castles-New-Era-Glock-Grind-HatIf you want to buy it, the price is $900 (Yea yea, I know you make more than $900 a month).  Contact Greg via the link to his website at the top of the post.  Definitely some other cool looking gun related projects showcased on there as well.

Greg tells me he’s open to commissions, so if you’re looking for a porcelain Deagle brand Deagle or Hi-Point he’s your guy.



I really hope the prop gun was a Glock 7:

I-Hate-Bees-Bruce-WillisThe thing about Glock 7’s is they can go through airport x-ray machines, and they cost more than any of you make in a month.

I haven’t seen the first RED movie yet, but I hear it was alright.

Thoughts?  Stupid move considering blank guns have injured and even killed people in the past?


John McClane is back:

I don’t know why, but this trailer doesn’t really make me that pumped up for this movie, but i’ll definitely watch it sooner or later.

No word on whether or not the punks in the movie will be carrying around Glock 7s.

In theaters February 14th, 2013



Remember the end of Die hard?  Well check out this tattoo: