The disarm snake goes SSSssssssss 🐍 😂😂😂 Gat tip: @ryanam7 , Zachary

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SSSssssssssss my dudes.  Disarm videos NEVER get old.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.



Take notes, and protect your girl before he collects your girl:

LOL who’mstve mans? This type of video is always the same.  Would the fancy moves work? Possibly I guess *shrug*.  There’s also a very good possibility it could go very wrong.

According to google translate, the channel this video is on is Portuguese.


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Oh wow:

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Unbelievable. I’m sure this guy teaches classes and pulls in a good income with this crap though. Sorry guys I don’t have any info on this if you were looking for a place to train haha.

Would operate with?


This guy Maestro Fresh Fred think he slick:

I’ll never figure out why they feel they need to mess up the color on some of their videos, like they are trying to be a damn tactical Tarantino film or something.  The Funker Tactical marketing machine must have did a focus group, which resulted in the housewives and part time sheephitters deeming the coloring to look more “edgy”.  Don’t even get me started on the music choices.  Oh and the flamboyantly clickbaity titles *eye roll*.

1:29 – He says bad guys don’t use retention holsters, they just stuff it in their pants.

Like most disarms, I would like to see how well any of this would work without a “willing” opponent.

You better believe I’ll be trolling all of Fred Mastro‘s videos for some additional gold.

Thoughts?  Uggggggggghhhh *heavy sigh* I don’t know guys….. I just don’t know.  Seems like everyone has a defense “program” and/or a “system” they are selling nowadays.


Man, martial arts dudes LOVE this shit.

Cartman-Cheesy-PoofsInteresting how this always done with plastic guns, and never simulation pistols that would actually hurt and show whether or not the assailant was able to shoot the victim.

Sure a disarm could work… and it also might not.  Worth the risk if you’re not a martial arts hot shot?  I don’t know.  How many simple armed robberies turn into homicides if the victim complies?  If the answer is very few, are you willing to take that risk and just give the bad guy your wallet and hope he leaves?  Is your go-to immediately to try and finesse the handgun out of his control and turn it on him, like you’re Steven Segal on deadly-ass ground?


Dudes always be like “HANDGUN DISARMS DON’T WORK”.  Oh yea?  Check out this shirtless dude in fake baby blue adidas pants:

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usher-siphahhaha thoughts?