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I just *smh* every time I see “disarms”.  Would any of this stuff possibly work in anything but a PERFECT setup?  It’s always funny how in these disarm practice videos, the aggressor is always so cooperative not to mention stupid. They need to do this type of thing with simunition guns, or something else that would leave a mark and hurt like hell. I somewhat recall someone has done something like that in the past which I posted… I also remember the “hero” getting hit basically every time. Did I dream that?

Gun-Disarm-Dojo-PonytailI’m thinking about growing my hair out and becoming a disarms instructor?  Who runs to RUN DOJO with me?  Ya we’ll get cool shirts made up.  You can have a matching ponytail too.


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*smh* I hope this isn’t real:

“Tweet Apple’s CEO @Tim_Cook and ask him to have the gun emoji removed” <—- LOLOL

This iPhone disarming movement seems to say they are affiliated with NYAGV – “New Yorkers Against Gun Violence”.  I can’t say that organization is familiar to me, but it reeks of Bloomberg and even the website looks like all his.  I’m trying to finish blogging and watch Episode 7 of “POWER” and eat cherries and dark chocolate though so I don’t really have time for research.  Someone fill me in if you know.

The one thing which seems kind of suspicious to me is that the YouTube video doesn’t have comments disabled, which is definitely out of character for anything Bloomberg and disarmament related.

Revolver-iphone-irevolverA quick twitter search for #disarmtheiphone shows that not very many people give a shit.



From our Van Halen Logo’d friends at Funker Tactical:

#2 – Blade at 45!  Blade at 45! :P

1:02 – Holy if that was a revolver and the attacker pulled the trigger, if the gun went off that would be a disaster for Ryan’s hand.

Every time I see one of these videos it’s like deja vu… I’ve probably watched 100+ disarm videos and they are all basically identical.

3:05 – “I’m not planning on using this (the handgun).  I don’t know this weapon.  It’s not mine, it’s his.”  <— Really?  You’re not going to use it just because it’s not your gun?  And claim you don’t “Know” it enough to use it?  I know milliseconds matter in situations like this, but if the attacker is still advancing maybe it would be a good idea next time you have a second or two to try and figure it out, rather than use it as a club continually to hit the guy.

Funker-Tactical-Handgun-Disarming4:58 – I’d say you’d have to be pretty damn confident pulling a maneuver like this, if you have a guy with a gun asking for your wallet.  Yea it would suck to give your wallet up… have to replace all your cards, license, and whatever money you had.  The chances of not being good enough at disarming him for the average person are pretty high… which I would imagine also raises the risk of a simple robbery turning into you and whoever you’re with laying on the ground bleeding.



I have zero context, and if these guys are actually Russian or not. I’m just going by the video description:

HSLD-Operator-Rio-Police-OfficerMeh.. not bad I guess.  There are so many disarm videos and theories out there, that it seems like the best thing to do is just try SOMETHING rather than potentially getting executed.  I wonder if they were practicing with live rounds in the video?  Foreigners have been known to do some crazy shit in training… way more derptastic than putting photographers downrange on a live range.

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Professional operators in action.  Do not attempt to re-create what you’re about to see if you’re an amateur:

Most disarms make me roll my eyes, but If you really Jackie Chan’d the Chris Tucker that was doing that to you, I could actually see it working!  Definitely more feasible than the AK-74 double drop kick mag eject / unload I posted yesterday.

0:40 – The upside down firing to “shoot a lot of enemies if you need to” after the disarm definitely made my eyes roll just a bit.  Soooooooo operator it hurts.

0:50 – Meh might work I guess *shrug*… I’d like to see all of these done with a paintball marker or airsoft though and see what’s up.


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Why disarm when you can just embarrass them by unloading their rifle for them?

What a tactical pimp slamp, send my condolences to the game.  Dimiti nailed it!

Am I correct in assuming “HHHNNNNNNNNNaya” is just a sound effect Russia, like it is here?

Frank-Lee-Chalkboard-Russian-Tigger-PoohI half feel like buying some pointy cowboy boots, setting up a camera and attempting to roundhouse kick an AR-15 magazine release, then drop kicking the charging handle back.  Yea it would probably look awkward and wouldn’t be feasible in real life.  But like this is feasible outside a Hollywood action movie either?

Thoughts?  Currently adding to operational skills for future operations?

Hat tip: Krystian