Mattv2099 gets domestic with it:

HA surface rust… Glock tenifer laughs in the face of surface rust! Probably would have been better if he would have field stripped it before putting it in the dishwasher.  The soap probably also was a bad move / unnecessary.

Not something I’d do, but I imagine as long as your dishwasher water doesn’t get incredibly hot you’d be fine.  The one thing that suck though is you’d need to detail strip it to re-lubricate all the internals if you actually care about your gun for sure functioning properly.

Glock-DishwasherAlso see the Glocks in the dishwasher post.



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I came across this on a blog the other day:

OK.  Glock alert.  Here’s yet another reason why I love my Glocks.  I believe that if you give a lazy man an easy job, they will always find an easier way to do it.  And that is indeed the case when it comes to cleaning my Glocks.  Are you ready for my dirty little secret of cleaning guns?  I put them in the dishwasher!


Yup, you read that right.  I put them in, all by themselves, with no soap or detergent of any kind.  I let them run through a complete cycle and then oil them up afterwards while I’m watching Desperate Housewives or The Closer.  Now you know my “dirty little secret” when it comes to cleaning guns.


If she is serious, I’d be willing to bet she doesn’t use WOLF ammo.  If she does, she would likely have to pour a quart of CLP in the detergent reservoir to see any results. :P

Source – WomenOfCaliber