haha if it works, it works though I suppose *shrug*:

I’d recommend watching it on 2X speed.  How this video is able to get 580,000+ views, when some of my gun bros on YouTube get their videos pulled for literally no reason is something I’ll never understand.

<-- .22 LR is a gateway drug tho, amirite fellas? *heh* 😏

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Brandon is crazy:

I didn’t crunch the numbers regarding the actual physics of this test fire, but I always cringe when guys do unsafe stuff in videos.  Royal Nonesuch at Mattv2099 were some of the OGs in that game.  Neither got hurt though, so maybe I’m just too scared.

I’m looking forward to seeing those AK-50 updates. I wish I could say I was excited about the Gun Meme reviews… I live that every day, so for me its just a re-run. That said, I usually watch them anyways only because Brandon is entertaining.



Oh man… I sense a plastic wrap ban coming to the UK soon:

haha I love the sketchy feel of this video… white gloves, black gloves… hands only, no talking.  At the time of posting it’s just shy of 1M views!

This same lil creep also made a sharp knife out of spaghetti, then after he tested it he cooked it and ate it.



The kid is back at it with a throwback design:

1:25 – After seeing that a normal person would probably be like “nah, I don’t think I’ll put that against my shoulder and 8 inches away from my face”  not Royal Nonesuch though.

1:57 – Yea sure he has eyepro, but he might need face pro after seeing that thing in action in the test fire.

2:19 – Oh lawwwwd one handed even.  He didn’t die tho.

3:50 – Now he wants to shoot some shot, so he randomly eyeballs an amount.  What could possibly go wrong? haha oh never mind he didn’t hold onto it this time.  Oh I spoke too soon, he still plans on doing it from the shoulder.

I gotta ask… what are Royal Nonesuch’s qualifications anyways? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (ref)


Our guy Richie Nonesuch

Royal-Nonesuch-Eye-PatchHe’s saying ~$150 for the kits (he hopes).  As long as the welds are clean, and the safety features aren’t so archaic I see this being a viable business.  Like he briefly touched on in the video, he’s going to need to start a business though so he’s not personally liable if someone gets hurt. His homemade grease gun (shown in the video) actually looks pretty nice, and functions well too.

Thoughts?  Would you buy one of Royal’s simple designs in a DIY kit if they were prettier looking?  Would you buy one anyway even if the welds were cringe worthy? The comments are YouTube are really supportive, so I hope he follows this through and comes correct with the final product.