Brandon is crazy:

I didn’t crunch the numbers regarding the actual physics of this test fire, but I always cringe when guys do unsafe stuff in videos.¬† Royal Nonesuch at Mattv2099 were some of the OGs in that game.¬† Neither got hurt though, so maybe I’m just too scared.

I’m looking forward to seeing those AK-50 updates. I wish I could say I was excited about the Gun Meme reviews… I live that every day, so for me its just a re-run. That said, I usually watch them anyways only because Brandon is entertaining.



Oh man… I sense a plastic wrap ban coming to the UK soon:

haha I love the sketchy feel of this video… white gloves, black gloves… hands only, no talking.¬† At the time of posting it’s just shy of 1M views!

This same lil creep also made a sharp knife out of spaghetti, then after he tested it he cooked it and ate it.



The kid is back at it with a throwback design:

1:25 – After seeing that a normal person would probably be like “nah, I don’t think I’ll put that against my shoulder and 8 inches away from my face” ¬†not Royal Nonesuch though.

1:57 – Yea sure he has eyepro, but he might need face pro after seeing that thing in action in the test fire.

2:19 – Oh lawwwwd one handed even. ¬†He didn’t die tho.

3:50 – Now he wants to shoot some shot, so he randomly eyeballs an amount. ¬†What could possibly go wrong? haha oh never mind he didn’t hold onto it this time. ¬†Oh I spoke too soon, he still plans on doing it from the shoulder.

I gotta ask… what are Royal Nonesuch’s qualifications anyways? ( Õ°¬į Õú Ė Õ°¬į) (ref)


Our guy Richie Nonesuch

Royal-Nonesuch-Eye-PatchHe’s saying ~$150 for the kits (he hopes). ¬†As long as the welds are clean, and the safety features aren’t so archaic I see this being a viable business. ¬†Like he briefly touched on in the video, he’s going to need to start a business though so he’s not personally liable if someone gets hurt. His homemade grease gun (shown in the video) actually looks pretty nice, and functions well too.

Thoughts? ¬†Would you buy one of Royal’s simple designs in a DIY kit if they were prettier looking? ¬†Would you buy one anyway even if the welds were cringe worthy? The comments are YouTube are really supportive, so I hope he follows this through and comes correct with the final product.


Innnnnnnnteresting.  A GHOST GLOCK:

Holy, that Spectre artwork is quite possibly the worst logo I’ve ever seen. ¬†Looks like bad tattoo art. ¬†Now that I got that off my chest, once completed this 80% lower will fit fit¬†the Glock full size 9mm and full size .40 slides. ¬†You can pre-order the frame for $135 on the Polymer80 website. ¬†For the price you get the frame, the polymer jib, the drill bits & End-mill bits, and locking block so you can get it done on your drill press. ¬†The areas that need to be milled out to complete this project include: the¬†barrel bridge,¬†top rails of the receiver, and¬†slide guide rails. ¬†The price isn’t terrible I guess, but I really wish they could bring it down around $50 or less. ¬†You can get a factory brand new Glock slide for $200 right now… so obviously this $135 Ghost Glock + your time is just for a fun little project. ¬†Additionally you get the novelty of bragging to others that your Glock is off the books and you finished it on your drill press,¬†which admittedly is pretty damn cool.

They have some legal info including an ATF letter if you care to take a look.

Polymer-80-Spectre-Glock-Lower-Receiver1:54 – My head almost exploded when they said they based the grip for their frame on the 1911 rather than the Glock. ¬†JMB is rolling in his grave, and word from Austria is that Gaston “literally can’t even”.


Gat tip: Mitch