Nice visuals.  A lot of guns.  Vuhlandes is a photographer from the hood in Detroit MI:

Definitely a lot of considerations when doing photography in the hood, as he mentions near the start of the documentary.  Surprisingly “firearm safety” isn’t mentioned among the concerns.  The trigger discipline in this video is actually among the best I’ve seen (for the most part)… also surprising.  LOL a lot of protective covers on all the AK and Draco charging handles.

6:25 – Holy that L. Georges 😬.  Looks clean inside there but wow that’s a lot of protective (bulletproof?) glass.

18:05 – LOL they discuss “boomerangs” (the animated gifs which loop back and forth), and then the pronunciation of gif.  Classic stuff.  I’m “JIFF” camp for life.

A lot of the guys in the videos actually have some pretty decent guns.  I was bracing for an appearance of an ENDO AR-15 stock to Glock adapter, but didn’t catch any.

You can check out his instagram page and his website if you’re interested in seeing more of his photography.  Really incredible pictures.

Thoughts?  I wonder how many of the individuals in the video are legally allowed to possess a firearm?  I’d like to think all of them all, but we all know there are definitely some people out there stupid enough to appear in a video breaking laws, which they know damn well is going up on YouTube.

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OH NO school and guns.  Panties get in knots:

Such a boss move… make a gun club, get school to pay for guns and ammo…. OR NOT (12:56) ahhhh nooooooooo. Oh well at least they get some free blue guns.  I’m kind of disappointed ENDO didn’t make an appearance in the video :P

shooting-targetAnything that introduces more people to the hobby I’m cool with.  The topic of the “gun club” gets derailed quickly in the video though and goes into the audacity of restricted capacity magazines, mom’s against swimming pools, Obama, the NRA, gun control, etc…


Hat tip: Nicholas


VICE put up the full documentary finally:

With the rule of law no longer in effect in Tripoli, warlords like Sunni commander Ziad Allouki are now the city’s real rulers, so VICE hung out with him and his fighters for a week to discover why they’re fighting, and whether the country really is on the brink of civil war.

VICE-LogoNo problem getting 7.62x39mm over there it seems. I wonder if they are having trouble sourcing .22LR though like we are?



Check it out if you’re a fan of the pistol and video games:

I’ll add a .50 AE to my collection someday just for kicks.  Even if I didn’t shoot it on a regular basis, it would make a great paperweight.

“The game graciously overlooks the weapon’s impracticality for combat use” <– WHAT?!  I’ll pretend he didn’t say that :P

The beautiful use of Helvetica alone makes the video worth watching.

Thoughts? I know more than a few of you have Deagles.


You can help a documentary get made:

The idea of UNTIL it HURTS (UiH) was created by Dave Hall, retired SEAL sniper.  Dave’s plan was to honor his fallen friends and brothers by creating a piece of art out of a target.  He fired his weapon from 911 yards for each teammate that had fallen, one round for each of the 79 fallen SEALS since the wars started, onto the target.  Dave started firing on 9/11/2012 at 8:46 AM finishing at 11:40 AM.

I like the idea behind the artwork, and the fact it raised money but I’m really not a fan of the artwork itself.  Does it matter what I think though? No not at all.

I think this documentary “preview” was enough for me,  It could have been about 30 seconds long and had all the same information.  I couldn’t imagine an hour long documentary on the making of that thing.  If you want to support the documentary you can donate a minimum of $1 over at IndieGoGo, but if you want a copy of the documentary the minimum donation is $25.  The money raised (minimum goal of  $37911) will go towards making the documentary.  I like the colorway on those converse Chuck Taylors you get with at $185 donation.  Chucks are the most uncomfortable shoes on the planet though.

What I think would be a better idea, is if they would take donations of time / equipment to make the documentary and then donate the profit to a pro-military charity for wounded soldiers or something similar.




VICE with a documentary on Syria – Al-Qaeda’s new home… Here is the preview with the kids with guns:

0:10 – That main kid’s voice is like a Gilbert Gottfried mixed with nails on a chalk board.

0:40 – Not really that scary when he doesn’t even have the strength to rack the slide.  Is that a high-power or a 1911?  Looks to be a high-power.

Full documentary:

Let me know how it is.

HowTerroristsGetInI say more Al-Qaeda kids with guns the better.  Maybe a high percentage of them will be careless, have negligent discharges and take themselves or one of their little American hating bros out of the picture.  One less terrorist to worry about.  Pretty shitty that these kids aren’t doing kid stuff like playing video games, building forts, and eating too much candy.