An emo look at guns and their function:

The concept and process of shooting a gun is amazingly simple, point and shoot. That may be the only simple thing about it. Our goal here was to take the simple concept of shooting an aluminum can in the woods – almost any gun owner’s childhood experience with their BB gun – and go deeper into what shooting a gun can be. Josh, the talent, narrates about the complexities that guns bring, whether societal, mechanical, or even personal. There is a linear storyline of Josh and the bullet. He takes a moment to think about this piece of lead that he is about to send downrange, and we go back to the beginning. From the melting and casting of lead, to the absolute detail that is involved in creating ammunition. The process in itself is complex and gives visual understanding that it guns are simple on surface, but only that.

So emo.

shooting-targetGuns aren’t “too simple” though I guess because the gun fails to ever fire.  This is likely due to to the fact that around 1:40 he’s loading cartridges which don’t have primers into the magazine… *CLICK – NO BANG*.  OOPS! ;)

Despite the obvious oversights, I enjoyed watching though.  Thoughts?


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Buck Yeager wants to make a documentary about his life at Tactical Response:

In this documentary you will follow a group of James Yeager’s Tactical Response students (some with law enforcement experience, some current or prior military duty and some civilians with a little training and some with a LOT) through intensive and gut wrenching scenarios.Training which will test both their physical and mental boundaries. Think embedded cameramen. That means no sound stage! No rehearsals! No phony drama! No actors! Real stress! Real emotion and REAL DANGER!

James-Yeager-Angel-ApprovedCheck out his Kickstarter and throw some money his way if you want to support.  haha wow $18k of 10k already raised… well that didn’t take long.

Sounds like it will be entertaining; I’ll watch it.  A lot of camera men running around, safety could get dicey.  Yeager isn’t afraid of down range photography though, we already know that.



Crikey! A VICE documentary:

Crack open a cold Fosters, throw some shrimp on the barbie, pull out your bigger knife when someone shows you theirs, and flush the toilet just to watch it spin the other way.

VICE-LogoNice looking dogs, vicious though wow.  Looks similar to the wild boar problem in the US.



Coming to CNBC Thursday April 25th 10p ET/PT:

Assault-Rifle-Because-I-Am-BlackOMG assault rifles!  Hopefully they put the video online, I’m assuming it will be be good for some LOLz.



Sweet, the full documentary is finally out:

Besides the erroneous use of “ammunition clips” and “high capacity magazines”, the documentary is really awesome.  If you’ve been keeping up with my past posts on Defense Distributed and Cody Wilson a lot of it probably isn’t new to you.

Interesting comments about kids likely being the first to print out firearms.  I can definitely see that as a concern, but with a hands-off approach to parenting there are a whole load other concerns that can be just as dangerous to an individual or a group.

Defense-Distributed-3D-Printed-AR15-LowerI mentioned to Cody on twitter that I hope they look into getting a 3D printer that can print metals, like the type Shapeways has.  I have a few prototypes of things I had made in stainless steel and they are incredible.



VICE goes to Florida and takes a look:

4:45 – So Walmart gets freaked out when they tried to buy a measly 2000 rounds?  Yea I doubt that.  They probably just didn’t like the cameras.

14:16 – “You couldn’t shoot an AR with both eyes open.” <– uhhh… no.  And this guy was a Marine?  He’s only 32 years old, so I’m sure he had an ACOG.

VICE-LogoThe documentary really doesn’t contain anything groundbreaking you don’t already know.  One of the major themes in it is villainizing private gun sales, which kind of pissed me off.