LOL Removed :/


Plus an additional 35 more pages you can look through on the CA DOJ website.

ROFL Added:


Priceless… but at the same time not.  California gonna California.

I’m assuming “Ghost guns” are secretly listed on the removed PDF, but are so ghostly we can’t even see them.

Thoughts?  Are you looking forward to micro-stamping saving as many lives as I am?  California will have approximately zero unsolved crimes by this time next year, I know it.


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Keep in mind you can’t normally draw guns at school…


The South Carolina DOJ Attorney’s office had this amazing idea *eye roll*:

The Project Sentry Logo Contest. Every year in April we ask the students of South Carolina to submit drawings that represent gun violence prevention in their schools. It is usually the week of the Columbine memorial in an effort to create a dialogue about gun violence.

David Codrea rips the DOJ a new hypocrisy hole in his article which you should read.

You can check out some of the past contest winners on the DOJ website.

Draw a picture like any of those a day after the contest is over, and earn yourself a suspension.